Brain Size 61- Influence Album Review

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

I always get very intrigued when I see an album cover with a clown popping out of the middle of the road and an "Parent Advisory" sticker in the corner.  Needless to say this punk-rock  band got my attention right away! 

Brain Size 61 is made up of Craig Hutchins on vocals,  Mike Hutchins on guitar,  April Hutchins on guitar,  JM Reid on bass,  and Stuart Asprey on drums.  

The album is a classic punk rock album, from the vocals all the way down to the instrumentals. A couple songs that stuck out and proved this point to the extreme, "Step On My Face Waltz" vocally as a snarl, musically is very sharp all the way down to the solo, it's insane.  "Gold Mine" makes me feel like I could be at their show jumping during the entire duration of the song.  The instrumentals in "Dead On Time" are incredibly fast, and in my opinion, this is the strongest track off of the album, and "Got My Eye On You" is very head-bang-able (that's a word right?), I'm ready to get into the pit!

This band is keeping Punk Rock alive, and very well!  If you are a fan of Punk Rock, this band is for you!

Check out "Influence" on Spotify!

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