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Brian Bulger Departs From His Past in New Single "Bad In A Good Way" (Out Sept 3rd) 

Brian Bulger Depart From His Past New Single + Music Video "Bad In A Good Way"

Out September 3rd

Still from music video. Click Here for more.

Springfield, MO- Folk, indie, and pop elements infused with honest storytelling and heart piercing lyrics is what sets Brian Bulger apart. He strives to tell his own story by placing the listener in the moment with him; infusing emotions in his vocals and crafting worlds in his melodies. His single "Bad in a Good Way" (out 9/3) is the first introduction to the world of his upcoming album in which he tackles his deeply instilled religious trauma and grows into a new person.

Brian is very excited to share this vulnerable part of himself. Here is what he had to say: "Bad in a Good Way" is about my departure from evangelicalism and specifically the religious trauma that brought me to 'the deep end'. It's a song of freedom, joy, and self love, breaking free of exclusivity and being my best self. It also marks a transition of my sound from folk to alternative/pop/singer-songwriter. It's a breath of fresh air, in more ways than one".

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