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Brian Bulger Finds New Reasons to Stay on Sophomore Album "Dissolve" (OUT NOV 11th) 

Brian Bulger Finds New Reasons To Stay On Sophomore Album "Dissolve" Out November 11th

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Folk, indie, and pop elements infused with honest storytelling and heart piercing lyrics is what sets Brian Bulger apart. He strives to tell his own story by placing the listener in the moment with him; infusing emotions in his vocals and crafting worlds in his melodies.

His sophomore album Dissolve is set for release on November 11th. The record explores Brian's personal journey of healing from trauma and leaving evangelical christianity. Through stories of purity culture, an abusive father, depression, anxiety, and disassociation, Dissolve shows the breakdown of the human spirit and the rebuilding that takes place through community and self love. "Dissolve is about finding new reasons to be here", says Brian.








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