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Canada’s Dyatlove Embrace Evolution And Growth With New Single “The Chrysalis”

Canada’s Dyatlove Embrace Evolution And Growth With New Single “The Chrysalis”

Track Premiere via New Noise Magazine

Top L-R: Sam Caviglia (Vocals/Guitar), Rob Sheldrick (Drums)

Bottom L-R: Justin Lacey (Bass), Rikki Jennings-Buford (Guitar)

Photo Credit - Justin Lacey

Dyatlove, from Vancouver, Canada have a fresh new single out to weave into ears everywhere. The quartet of Sam Caviglia (vocals/guitar), Rikki Jennings-Buford (guitar), Justin Lacey (bass) and Rob Sheldrick (drums) are joined by Scott Whalen (Imonolith/Ugly Men/Latenite Automatic) who picks up guest vocals and adds a crushing layer to “The Chrysalis”.

Written near the end of 2019, the single speaks of evolving as a person, the personal growth we all hope to achieve. After sitting on it for quite some time, Dyatlove feels this is the time to unleash it. As they continue to explain:

“We decided to record it and put it out to keep things moving during the dreaded 2020 experience. There was the need to keep productive and have something to work towards as everything was shut down here in British Columbia. Sam is really proud of these lyrics and as a band we are proud of how this song came together. We were able to work with our longtime friend Royce Whittaker on this song and he really helped us out with the little nuances. It was amazing to have him join us for this track, along with another of our friends Scott Whalen who added some devastating vocals!”

Dyatlove coin their sound as “emo sludge” and it is chock full of raw emotion, meandering clean vocals and slow, somber riffs brushed against a heavy wall of pounding drums edged with flecks of hardcore elements. Thus far, they have released a self-titled EP (2020) and a stand-alone single “DIE, KILL, PIG” (2020). They will be recording another EP this year.

Recommended for fans of Deafheaven, Converge, and Russian Circles, “The Chrysalis” can be heard via its streaming premiere on New Noise Magazine HERE.

“The Chrysalis” will be officially available on all digital platforms April 2, 2021.

Digital pre-save here.

For more info:


Dyatlove is a rock band from Vancouver, BC whose austere music stems from a place of deep emotion, expressing the language of the self laid bare. Its 4 members - Sam (vocals/guitar), Rikki (guitar), Justin (bass) and Rob (drums) - create raw, passionate, and at times gut-wrenching musical offerings.

Though a newly-formed group, the band’s collective musical memory is long and their backgrounds are aesthetically diverse. Drawing inspiration and experience from the genres of hardcore, punk, emo, hip-hop and electronic music, Dyatlove seeks a sound that overwhelms sonically. They push their melodies as far as they can go, creating an emotional fallout that forces its listener to reckon with the intricacies and instabilities of being human.

“We want to give everything we have to our fans,” they express, “and we want them to understand that we get what they are going through, and are there for them through our music.”

Through music, Dyatlove finds a connection, and through connection, their musical community grows. Acclaimed producer Matt Roach - of Rain City Records - has contributed significant expertise in engineering their self-produced debut album, while indie label Coup Sur Coup has signed Dyatlove for a cassette release deal. With each show they play, their momentum grows:

“Whether small intimate gigs or festivals, just playing for the live crowd is what we dream about,” the members explain as they build to their goal of an extensive tour."

The heavy, overflowing sound of Dyatlove’s storytelling style is for everyone - it is authentic art that shapes its audience slowly, earnestly and rather forcefully. It is classic in form and radical in content: whether heard in digital or analog, studio-produced or live, Dyatlove is a unique and essential listening experience.

“Their sound is eclectic and diverse, at times morose and at other, heavy sludge. An EP that requires attention to take in, each song takes the listener on a ride with complex lyrical content aiming to grab attention.” - Frontview Magazine

“The band’s music isn’t the kind of extreme metal we usually cover at this site, but I’d say they’re “adjacent” — and there’s an explosive emotional fury in the song and video we’re presenting today that’s so cathartic (and so demolishing) that it’s more than welcome here.” - No Clean Singing.

“DYATLOVE conveys emotion and brings the heavy with an impressive, eclectic EP” – IDIOTEQ

“The track (Empty Lungs) is amazing and the band will quickly make you a fan if you like groups like Converge, Deafheaven, or Spotlights.” – Ghost Cult Magazine

“Their sound is eclectic and diverse, at times morose and others bone crunchingly heavy. ” – The Sludgelord

“This is a collection of songs about love of family, songs about loss, songs about anger and songs about struggles and addictions all wrapped up in the confines of half an hour’s worth of music…” – Metal Noise

“for those who love Deafheaven, Converge, Russian Circles, Touche Amore, Alcest, Pallbearer… A beautiful discovery.” – Mad-Breizh

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