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CARRION THRONE Share Visualizer for "Mazoku Mao"

Chicago's CARRION THRONE have posted the latest single off their new album, The Feast of Human Vices. The official visualizer for "Mazoku Mao" is streaming now exclusively on Slam Worldwide.

The Feast of Human Vices tracklist:

1) Misanthropic

2) Dark Atavism

3) Mazoku Mao

4) The Feast of Human Vices

5) Descending Firmament (Promo 2022) – Bonus track

6) Sinning Tree (Promo 2022) – Bonus track

With The Feast of Human Vices, CARRION THRONE brings an onslaught of crushing brutal death metal spiced up with relentless passages of dissonant slam.

The band's catchy, pit-fueling, heavy-as-hell brand of death metal has earned them fans from around the world who are anticipating a follow-up to their 2022 promo. The wait is over with the arrival of The Feast of Human Vices, the band's debut EP which features four brand new songs plus two bonus tracks that originally appeared on the 2022 promo.

Follow CARRION THRONE on Spotify and Apple Music.


Alex Rocha - Guitar

Joel Sandoval - Guitar

Alex Chapa - Bass

Izzy Rivera - Drums

Alex Corral - Vocals

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