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Castle Ultra - The Curtain Wall - (Heavy Metal)

Castle Ultra - 'The Curtain Wall' (Heavy Metal)

Release Date: 10/15/21

Castle Ultra is a metal band that was formed in 2004 in Orange County, California. This band would go on to play a countless amount of shows ranging from house parties, all the way to playing with acts such as Toxic Holocaust, God Forbid, Bleeding Through, Satyricon , etc. Right when the band was starting to find its stride and make it’s mark in the scene. Unfortunate circumstances caused the group to disband in 2010. Now based out of Rancho Cucamonga, California, Castle Ultra is back now as the solo project of Mike Basquez , a multi instrumentalist who was the sole song writer and frontman of the band. The world may have changed since the band disbanded but the mission statement always remains the same. “Write music that we love and the rest will take care of itself”.

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