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Chiasm & John Fryer Announce The Release Of Debut Album "Missed The Noise" Out March 5

Chiasm & John Fryer Announce The Release Of Debut Album Missed The Noise

Out March 5 Via Indie Label COP International Pre-Sales Available Now HERE

The Industrial-Electronic Project Of Emileigh Rohn Teams Up With Noted Collaborator John Fryer (Black Needle Noise & Producer Behind Depeche Mode, NIN) On LP, Featuring Previous Singles “Away” & “Are You Okay?”

Evocative New Single “Intertwined” Released Today

Hear it HERE

COP International Records is pleased to announce the indie label’s first release of the new year: the anticipated debut album from Chiasm And John Fryer. Called Missed The Noise, the full-length LP will arrive March 5 and includes 11 bold tracks including the previously released singles “Away” and “Are You Okay?”—the latter playing directly into the current landscape amidst COVID-19, racial tensions and economic distress with a poignant “check-in” for listeners, and to let them know they are not alone.

The project of Detroit-based musician Emileigh Rohn, Chiasm has become known for cultivating lush, eclectic, eerily dystopian sonic landscapes with delicately balanced vocals for the past 20-plus years. On this latest release she teams up with collaborator John Fryer, the mastermind behind the project Black Needle Noise and the noted producer who was worked with Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, 4AD, Cocteau Twins and Love and Rockets.

Pre-sales for Missed The Noise are currently available HERE.

Today, Chiasm And John Fryer also release a new taste of the album with the eerily cinematic track “Intertwined,” which can be heard HERE.

Says Rohn of the album, "Working with John [Fryer] was a completely fresh experience for me that reinvigorated my passion for writing. The opportunity arrived, thanks to COP International, at a time I wasn't sure of my next direction in music at all. I had released my solo album Reset in 2019 and I was ready for a new approach. Creating Missed The Noise was unprecedentedly fast-paced and insightful for me. I became capable of trusting my instincts and pushed my creativity forward without over-questioning. The collaboration felt easy. I loved what John did with each track, and we worked delightfully smoothly together in my experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and am certain it has influenced how I will continue my art forever. I am so thankful."

And Fryer adds, "It was extremely exhilarating working with Emileigh. As soon as I heard the vocals for the first song, everything seemed to click like all of a sudden the stars aligned and off we went on this incredible journey and ending with the wonderfully fantastical album Missed The Noise.

Missed The Noise comes on the heels of a busy 2020 for Chiasm, which saw her release the Away EP in June and the “Are You Okay?” single and remix EP in August, which also featured John Fryer and contributions from label mates Stabbing Westward and Jean-Marc Lederman (Front 242/The Leathermen) as well as Third Realm and Glass Apple Bonzai.

The newest release follows a long line of notable releases from Chiasm (established in 1997), including the 2001 album Disorder with the track “Isolated” that was featured in the television show NCIS as well as in the Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines computer game. Rohn has also collaborated with genre stars Attrition, Carphax Files, Jean-Marc Lederman, Third Realm, :10:, and Acclimate.

All of Rohn’s previous releases had been self-written, programmed, performed and produced in her Michigan studio known as the MausHaus. The music, and the project name (which refers to the optic chiasm, a crossing of optic neurons in the brain that allow people to have continuous and peripheral vision), are in dedication to her full-time career in the field of science.

Here is what the press has had to say about Chiasm:

“’Away’ is a beautiful song featuring dense, stuttering electronics and Chiasm’s trademark ethereal vocals that shift into an echoing, high-pitched chorus… a massively overlooked talent in the industrial and dark electronic scene.” —Synthpop Fanatic

"Emileigh Rohn's voice is somewhere between Bjork and kaRIN of Collide—soothing in sound and yet jarring in message.” —Outburn Magazine

“The Detroit-based performer has put out some austere material the past 20-something years, industrial-drenched noise explosions and implosions, but ‘Away; is considerably more accessible thanks in part to her collaboration with John Fryer, producer for the likes of Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails…. a dramatic, hard-rubbed-synthesizer brand of electro, a Goldfrapp-meets-Grimes instrumental context for the vocals of Rohn, who at times sounds like a dead ringer for the Bangles’ Susannah Hoffs.” —Knoxville News Sentinel

"What Kate Bush is to pop culture, Chiasm is to electronic music." —Zillo

"The often dismal character of the Motor City is known for inspiring a host of instrumental techno artists, but Chiasm (Emileigh Rohn) chooses to express her angst through very intimate and intense audio exorcisms that juxtapose her ethereal, haunting vocals and confrontational snarls with murky, minimalist industrial sounds. … An audio diary full of electro energy and honest emotion that gives the idea of 'girl power' a whole new spin." —CMJ

"Emileigh Rohn's music is one of the often overlooked treasures of the dark electro/industrial genre." —LiarSociety

Missed The Noise track listing:

  1. Noise

  2. Away

  3. Frantic

  4. Are You Okay?

  5. Intertwined

  6. Calling

  7. Yours

  8. Missed

  9. Knocking

  10. Wanted

  11. Gone

(Photos courtesy COP International Records)

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