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Cinematic Ambient Duo SILENT SKIES Unveils New Album "Nectar" – OUT NOW!

Cinematic Ambient Duo SILENT SKIES (with EVERGREY’s Tom S. Englund and Pianist/Composer Vikram Shankar) Unveils Spectacular Label Debut, Nectar, OUT NOW!

Get your copy HERE!

New Single + Official Music Video “Let It Hurt” | Watch HERE!

[Photo credits: Patric Ullaeus]

“In a world where collaborations, especially at such a level, are rare, we can only applaud the gesture. This new album is simply remarkable” Metallian, FR

“'...the rich record brims with emotive soul that manages to be intimate yet absolutely grand” Prog, UK

“Music as soulful as it is enraptured, imbued with deep melancholy and cinematic beauty: SILENT SKIES conjures images of subtle sadness in the dark winter sky.” Classic Rock, GER

“An album made for long, gloomy and thoughtful winter evenings.” Legacy, GER

“An antistress remedy in notes.” Sonic Seducer, GER

“On their second album, SILENT SKIES take the listener on an acoustic journey that is full of surprises.” Hardline, GER

“ of the first highlights of 2022.”, GER

…a dark, haunting ambient soundscape…” Folk N Rock, USA

“…a not-to-be-missed album…” Metal Kaoz, USA

“…like a calm sea after a storm…” A&P Reacts, CAN

SILENT SKIES, the cinematic ambient project of EVERGREY’s Tom S. Englund and classically trained pianist and composer Vikram Shankar (Redemption), have finally unveiled their second studio album and label debut, Nectar, via Napalm Records today.

This spectacular full-length soaked in a melancholic atmosphere showcases the touching intensity of SILENT SKIES’ musical expression without holding anything back. Infinite, heartfelt Nectar enchants with sounds like pure poetry lifting off the page and wrapping around its listener with a gentle glow as it combines the reminiscence of the likes of producers and composers such as Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm and Ludovico Einaudi, and bands ranging from Sigur Rós to Anathema. The balance between haunting instrumentals and vocal intensity that complement each other in perfect harmony walks a delicate line where listeners are treated to the best of both worlds.

To accompany the release of Nectar, SILENT SKIES' emotive third single “Let It Hurt” has been released together with an intense official music video. “Let It Hurt” addicts with an intimate intro possible due to Tom S. Englund's heartbreaking vibrato, quickly developing dramatically and wrapping the listener in a multitude of evocative sounds, blending cinematic strings and piano with hooky modern vocals.

Vikram Shankar on “Let It Hurt”:

“To celebrate the release of Nectar, we are thrilled to unveil this video for 'Let It Hurt', directed with a subtle and artistic touch by our dear friend Patric Ullaeus. 'Let It Hurt' was one of the first pieces of music written for Nectar, and its composition was a dramatic catalyst for the way the rest of the album would turn out; writing and listening back to 'Let It Hurt' gave us immediate and intuitive visions of some of the new ground Nectar was to cover. It provides a window into some of the new sonic possibilities of the record, while simultaneously harkening back to the intimate core nucleus of SILENT SKIES that fans know well: piano, vocals, strings, and heart-rending honesty. We hope you enjoy Nectar as much as we enjoyed making it!”

Dive into the sonic universe of SILENT SKIES and watch the official video for “Let It Hurt” HERE:

In 2017, the paths of Swedish progressive band EVERGREY’s vocalist Tom S. Englund and multi-instrumentalist Vikram Shankar crossed fatefully. Both artists set themselves free from limitations to captivate their listener with Nectar- a soulful ten-track offering, produced by Englund and Shankar themselves and mixed/mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios.

SILENT SKIES on the new album:

We are tremendously proud to announce our second record, Nectar, is out now! Nectar represents an expansion and an elevation of all things that make us who we are; simultaneously grander and more intimate, more futuristic yet more organic and thoughtful. This record represents who we are, and it means so much to both of us, that we cannot wait to hear your feedback on it.

Get your copy of Nectar NOW!

With Gothenburg’s EVERGREY known as one of the most prolific bands in progressive metal, Englund is by far no stranger to the scene. After partnering with North Carolina, USA-based pianist Vikram Shankar –who had already worked with greats like Redemption and Anneke van Giersbergen – this fateful encounter, now known as SILENT SKIES, sets its first milestone with the release of their spine-tingling debut Satellites back in 2020. Two years later, this fruitful collaboration returns withNectar, marking the sequel of something that’s far more than just a side project of Englund’s. Rather, it’s the brainchild of two highly talented individual artists with deep knowledge and many years of experience, whose creativity and spirit culminates in an exceptional form of musical expression. Shankar’s sensitive yet intense piano tunes merge with the poignant vocal interpretation of Tom S. Englund to take the listener on a touching, melancholic ride that wanders through the darkest facets of life, while always leaving a spark of hope to hold on to. This otherworldly sonic collaboration is graced by the outstanding contributions of Leprous' cello player Raphael Weinroth-Browne, who appears on nearly every track of the album to spice up the stirring sound even more.

SILENT SKIES’ sophomore full-length sets off with the soulful, ethereal “Fallen From Heart”, immediately creating a tapestry of sound to get lost in. Tracks like delicate “Taper” and shimmering “Neverending” are dominated by the yearning vocals of Englund, but never fail to give Shankar’s instrumental virtuosity the well-deserved space to shine bright like the first sunray welcoming the day. Darker realms lure with dramatically accented, heart-beating “Cold”, with its lingering electronic elements that build a tangible, gripping maelstrom of emotions. Instrumental title track “Nectar” closes this new chapter of SILENT SKIES but leaves its audience with a long-lasting impact and the key to a door that’s worth entering over and over again.

Nectar tracklist:

1. Fallen From Heart

2. Taper

3. Neverending

4. Let It Hurt

5. The One

6. Leaving

7. Cold

8. Better Days

9. Closer

10. Nectar

Nectar is available in the following formats:

- 6p Digisleeve

- 2LP Gatefold BLACK

- Digital Album

[2LP Gatefold BLACK]


Tom S. Englund - Vocals, Production

Vikram Shankar - Piano, Keyboards, Production


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