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Cultura em Peso Fest confirms Nervochaos as first headliner!

Cultura em Peso Fest confirms Nervochaos as first headliner!

The classic and renowned Brazilian Death Metal band, NERVOCHAOS, led by Edu Lane (drummer) - great iconic battler of the Brazilian metal scene, has been confirmed as the first headliner of the online festival of the website CULTURA EM PESO, which will take place on June 4th and 5th!

Fed up with all the fads flooding the metal scene, Nervochaos was born in the spring of 1996 with the idea of creating extremely aggressive and chaotic music. With many line-up changes, always having its leader and founding member Edu Lane as a stamped figure in all releases of its expressive discography, the band has gained status in the extreme music scene due to its hard work in the last decade, offering a sonic extravaganza in its unique way of composition.

Promoting their last two and excellent releases, "Dug Up - Diabolical Reincarnations" (2021), an album of re-recordings of their Death Metal timeless classics and "All Colors Of Darkness" (2022), the group's most recent full-album, their incredible and current line-up, counting with the very competent guitar duo Luiz Henrique Parisi - aka Quinho - and Woesley Johann, Pedro Lemes (bass) and the American vocalist Brian Stone, has been calling a lot of attention as a true 'dream team' of the Brazilian Death Metal. Nervochaos is a true Metal machine as they are constantly touring around the world in an average of more than 100 shows per year, from clubs to festivals!

Recently the group announced their next European tour, which has among its destinations countries like Holland, Belgium, France, UK, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Norway and Germany, confirmed so far.

The online festival CULTURA EM PESO FEST will take place on June 4th and 5th, with official broadcasting on the Youtube channel of the Cultura Em Peso website ( and soon all the other attractions will be announced! Stay tuned!

About Cultura Em Peso:

The site had its start in mid-2005, founded by Iúri Cremo (@cremo_iu), and in its first years became one of the references in the Brazilian Underground, getting accesses in all South America. Today it performs in Brazil and Europe.

Follow theirs social media and subscribe to their Youtube channel.

Flyer Art by @victorriccardi

The Festival is supported by:

Sevilla Metal (Espanha - @sevillametal)

Underground Tuga (Portugal - @underground.tuga.oficial)

Hedflow (Brasil/Portugal - @hedflow)

Rádio Putzgrila (Brasil - @radioputzgrila)

Roadie Metal (Brasil - @roadie_metal)

JZ Press (Brasil - @jzpressassessoria)

Metal Na Lata (Brasil - @metalnalata)

Caio Indica (Brasil - @caioindica)

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