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DEAD - You'll Never Know Pleasure... (25th Anniversary Remastered Reissue) - (Grind)

DEAD - 'You'll Never Know Pleasure...' (25th Anniversary Remastered Reissue)(Grind)

Release Date: December 10, 2021

Napalm Death created Grindcore, Carcass Goregrind and Dead Porngrind with their '93 debut 7" but what really started it all for them is this now legendary debut "You'll Never Know Pleasure..." originally released in 1995 through cult Poserslaughter Records (Nasum, Regurgitate, Haemorrhage...). A quarter of a century later, XENOKORP is proud to give this insane piece of Hardcore Punk-influenced Death / Grind fetishism a second life through a deluxe 25th anniversary remastered reissue on both CD and Vinyl with new layout by Lukasz Jaszak (Decapitated, Mortuary...) and liner notes by professional journalist Olivier "Zoltar" Badin (New Noise, Zero Tolerance...).

Check out the video!

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