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DEATH DEALER release video for powerful ballad 22 GONE

DEATH DEALER has released a video for the powerful ballad 22 GONE from new album Conquered Lands

DEATH DEALER has released a video for the powerful ballad 22 GONE of of their album CONQUERED LANDS which was released November 13 2020 via STEEL CARTEL RECORDS. This song deals with the soldier suicide epidemic in the United States and the shocking statistic that on average, 22 service men commit suicide every day. Singer Sean Peck who penned the lyrics talks about it. “When I was researching the song, I was blown away by this shocking number of tragic losses that happen each day. This video brings attention to it in a very powerful way. Even though it was a ballad, this song was a surprise hit with the critics and our fans so we decided to give it the video treatment. We put it out via Youtube, since we only release a limited amount of content to the streaming services. We are focusing on exclusive music content to our supporters that buy the physical product and only those that bought the record have heard this track.”

ROSS THE BOSS commented on the track calling it “Without a doubt, the most depressing song in Heavy Metal history!”

STU MARSHALL said. “I feel passionately about our combat agencies and respect the fact these people put their lives on the line every day for our liberties and freedoms.

Australian and American troops have stood shoulder to shoulder for decades and this song resonates the sadness of soldier suicide and why we need to support our troops in every way we can.

22 Gone represents some of Sean's best lyric writing in my opinion.”

Check out the official video here:

DEATH DEALER can be reached at and via

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