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Deathgrind Destructors SLUGCRUST Launch New Single "V4"

Today, deathgrind titans SLUGCRUST issue a beatdown with the latest single, "V4", from the forthcoming EP, Discharge(d), out under the flag of Terminus Hate City on June 28, 2024. Accompanying the release is a dizzying visualizer which can be viewed HERE. Pre-orders for the EP are available HERE

"V4" delivers a ferocious blend of SLUGCRUST’s characteristic punishing riffs, thunderous drums, and visceral vocals. "At its core, 'V4' is about that dog in us," shares the band. "'Cerberus Paribus,' the chant reiterated in “V4” is the bastardization of a Latin phrase meaning “all other things being equal,” loudly attributed to those of us who got that dog in them, too."

More about SLUGCRUST & the Discharge(d) EP:

Emerging from the vermin-saturated depths of Greenville, South Carolina, the grindcore band SLUGCRUST is set to release their visceral new EP, Discharge(d), on June 28th, 2024. Known for their ferocious sound and no-holds-barred lyrical assaults, SLUGCRUST has carved out a niche within the realms of grindcore and crust, drawing comparisons to behemoths like NAPALM DEATH and DISCHARGE.

Discharge(d), coming out under the banner of Terminus Hate City, is a relentless exploration of raw, unfiltered aggression channeled through five explosive tracks: "The Antitrust," "Default Option," "Feral Natural," "V4," and the eponymous "Discharge(d)." Each song is a testament to the band's ability to fuse chaotic riffs with pummeling rhythms and throat-shredding vocals, creating an atmosphere that is as intimidating as it is invigorating.

The line-up behind this brutal onslaught includes Derick Caperton wielding his guitar like a weapon, Stacey Williams on bass providing the backbone of their sound, Brett Terrapin's devastating drumming, and Jesse Cole's vocals, which cut through the mix with the force of a chainsaw. This quartet has refined their sonic assault into a fine art, ensuring that Discharge(d) is not just heard, but felt.

Recorded at DSC Recordings and mastered by Phil Pluskota at Sonic Assault Studios, the EP captures the essence of SLUGCRUST’s live ferocity while delivering studio precision. The album artwork, crafted by the notorious @churchfarts, visually manifests the band's gritty and aggressive ethos, mirroring the music’s intensity.

SLUGCRUST is not just releasing an EP; they are declaring war on the mundane, on the predictable. With Discharge(d), they invite their fans and the uninitiated alike to dive headfirst into the maelstrom of their sound. High-resolution band photos, the striking album cover, and the visceral lyrics of Discharge(d) are available for those who dare to embrace the band's raw power.

As Discharge(d) prepares to hit the streets and streaming platforms, SLUGCRUST stands ready to fuel the fire of the grindcore resurgence. Witness the rise of a new era in grindcore with SLUGCRUST’s Discharge(d) — an EP that doesn’t just push boundaries, it shreds them.


Derick Caperton - guitar

Stacey Williams - bass

Brett Terrapin - drums

Jesse Cole - vocals

Connect with SLUGCRUST:

Discharge(d) EP track list:

  1. The Antitrust

  2. Default Option    

  3. V4    

  4. Feral Natural    

  5. Discharge(d)

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