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Devourer - Visions From Megiddo (Studio Report August 2021) - (Black Metal)

Devourer - 'Visions From Megiddo' (Studio Report August 2021) (Black Metal)

Release Date: TBD

Devourer is a Swedish/Russian black metal band formed in 2002 by John Falk (Sorcery , ex- In Aeternum). Fredrik Håf (Patronymicon, Sordid Flesh) joined Devourer in 2007 as a vocalist and they released three albums, a couple of EPs, singles and videos as a duet until 2019 when Johan Vikholm (Sorcery , Patronymicon) and Oksana Falk (Teodolit) joined Devourer . During 2020 and 2021 Devourer has written and recorded a new album that is in the final stages of creation now and now they are looking for a label interested in releasing it! There's no release date set yet.

Check out the video!

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