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DOMKRAFT release third single Audiodome'

DOMKRAFT release third single 'Audiodome' taken from the Swedes' forthcoming third album "Seeds"

DOMKRAFT 'Audiodome' taken from "Seeds"

Swedish psychedelic doom-riffers DOMKRAFT crank up the heat and let those sizzling guitars fry hard on the third single 'Audiodome' taken from their highly-anticipated third full-length "Seeds", which is scheduled for release on April 30.

The track 'Audiodome' is now available via this link:

DOMKRAFT comment: "The theme of the entire album is about starting over", explains singer and bass player Martin Wegeland. "It fells like waking up after a cold shower only to discover you're basically walking in ruins. There are new constructions, but nothing of real value. It is all about short-term fixes, no thoughts of longevity, since our perspectives have narrowed down so much. We need to get back to the core, to something that unites rather than divides us. And we need outlets of inspiration and well-being. Hence the 'Audiodome' concept. A new breed of sacred places, where music, tones and notes can exist freely for the enjoyment and well-being of every person. And, in a wider context, with the pandemic and all, a dive bar with a PA could be an 'Audiodome'. It’s more about what it provides than what it is. Ideally, unity, well-being and enrichment. And that's what this song celebrates. We also wanted the album to have a really intense closing track. And when we came up with and combined the two main riffs, this song basically wrote itself. It starts off in this intense and driving pace, dissolves into cosmic euphoria and ends off with some sweet low-end goodness, to fill the very dome we are talking about. And, in that aspect, 'Audiodome' pretty much sums up what the album is all about."

For band pictures, album cover, and other graphic materials: (click here)


2. Perpetuator

3. Into Orbit

5. Tremors

6. Krank Blekhet

Like a phoenix, DOMKRAFT rise from the ashes of their previous apocalyptic-themed albums with third full-length "Seeds". The latest album from the titanic Swedish psychedelic riff-doom trio focuses on the idea of emerging from the ruins to start anew, building something different and better beyond the cataclysm.

In the midst of 2020's summer heatwave, singer and bassist Martin Wegeland, guitarist Martin Widholm and drummer Anders Dahlgren headed west towards the Baltic Sea to Welfare Sounds Studio, which is located in an old wooden house on the outskirts of Gothenburg, Sweden. There, in a great live room with borrowed air conditioning, the Swedes sweated with studio heads Kalle Lilja and Per Stålberg for three days to nail down a new epic that feels raw and alive.

With due credit to the mixing wizardry of Karl Daniel Lidén (GREENLEAF, KATATONIA, LOWRIDER), DOMKRAFT's trademark heft is more prominent than ever, and the ambitious lyrical themes add context to the always-massive riffs and hypnotizing flow.

DOMKRAFT have built each element of "Seeds" from a neck-bobbing pulse. Swirling songs like 'Audiodome', 'Dawn of Man' and the title track are closed circuits in which titanic instrumental hooks feed lyrical concepts, then circle back to direct the elliptical psychedelia and sky-widening vocals.

Originally, DOMKRAFT bonded over a mutual love for SPACEMEN 3, MONSTER MAGNET, SLEEP, and HAWKWIND, to name but a few. Drawing from the heaviest of their combined influences, the trio from Stockholm crafted a sound that blends towering dirges, mind-bending psychedelia, and hypnotic minimalism, which is embodied by their monolithic 2016 debut album "The End of Electricity" and 2018 follow-up "Flood".

Following the release of their first full-length, DOMKRAFT received invitations from and performed at prestigious festivals such as the Desertfests (BE and DE), Psycho Las Vegas (US), Blow Up (FI), Sonic Whip (NL), and many others.

With "Seeds", DOMKRAFT have drawn a detailed map to a groove-driven heavy rock utopia, where humankind can evolve and unite. Better living through monolithic volume!

Release date: April 30


Martin Wegeland - vocals, bass

Martin Widholm - guitars

Anders Dahlgren - drums

Recorded at Welfare Sounds, Gothenburg, Sweden

Engineered by Kalle Lilja and Per Stålberg

Mixed and mastered by Karl Daniel Lidén

Graphic materials are available at this link: (click here)

Available formats

"Seeds" is available on gatefold LP incl. 3-D glasses on solid violet or solid black vinyl, digisleeve CD, harcdover artbook (incl. CD and additional bonus track), and complete edition box set with gatefold LP on purple and green splatter vinyl, 3-D glasses, harcdover artbook, and bonus 7" with additional live track on b-side.


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