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E-L-R release new video single 'Opiate the Sun'

E-L-R release video single 'Opiate the Sun' taken from new album "Vexier"

Swiss trailblazers E-L-R have revealed the final video single 'Opiate the Sun' for a track taken from the doomgazetrio's sophomore full-length "Vexier", which has been slated for release on March 11. Please find all album details below.

The enigmatic video clip for the tense and explosive track 'Opiate the Sun' is available via this link:

E-L-R band pictures and graphic materials are available at this link: (click here for Dropbbox)

E-L-R "Seeds" taken from the album "Vexier"

E-L-R comment: "We wrote 'Opiate The Sun' as the last song for 'Vexier' and so far it is the most psychedelic single taken from our new album", writes the Swiss trio. "As the title suggests, this piece is a tribute to the sun and its majestic radiance. We meant to musically dazzle the listener into a gracious daze with the interplay between the two parallel elements water and air."


2. Three Winds

5. Forêt

The simple strumming of a rhythm guitar slowly expands into an ever widening reverb space. Gentle voices arise in the background. A lead guitar on a high note begins to thread roots through the velvet darkness of opening track 'Opiate The Sun' of E-L-R's sophomore full-length "Vexier" until the rising pressure finds a way out and the rapidly expanding sound-growth bursts out into the sun.

The style of the Swiss has been dubbed 'doomgaze' and 'post-metal' and both terms apply loosely to the trio's meandering, down-tempo doom-epics. E-L-R's hypnotic phrases that are constantly varied and warped in repeating loops are reminiscent of shamanic rituals imbued with psychedelic colours. The trio weaves a subtle tapestry with diligence and persistence that depicts a labyrinth full of intricate details and hidden treasures.

E-L-R lure and seduce the listener with glimpses of deeper meaning and the constant discovery of new layers that reveal further ones once peeled away. "Vexier" does not give up its secrets easily and there are many shifts and twists hiding in the shadows as implied by the title that derives from the Latin word "vexare" meaning "to plague, to irritate" and in German a 'Vexierbild' means a flip-flop image while in some dialects a 'Vexier' is a puzzle game. All of these layers of meaning find an echo on this album. What is heard on the first spin might morph into something different and reveal new sonic shapes with repeated listening.

E-L-R were conceived by bass-player I.R. and guitarist S.M., who both also took on vocal duties in the German Swiss city of Bern in 2016. They were soon joined by another friend, drummer M.K., whose emotive and intricate style proved to be the perfect fit. The release of their debut album "Mænad" (2019) was greeted with widespread acclaim by critics and fans alike, and led to invitations to tour with AMENRA, supports slots for WOLVENNEST, HANGMAN’S CHAIR, and DARK BUDDHA RISING among others, and festivals such as Up In Smoke and Prophecy Fest, while an appearance at the Beyond The Redshift Festival in London is scheduled for March 2022.

During the global live-break of 2020 and 2021, the Alpine dwellers used the time to hone their song-writing skill to a new level of cutting-edge precision and to concentrate on a focused recording of their second full-length "Vexier" which was recorded and mastered in their hometown Bern by Remo Häberli at Hidden Stash Studio.

With "Vexier", E-L-R take another decisive step forward and invite the listener on an adventurous journey through their fascinating and multi-dimensional musical cosmos.

Release date: March 11, 2022


S.M. – guitar, vocals

I.R. – bass, vocals

M.K. – drums

Guest musicians

Remo Häberli – additional guitars

BAZE – vocals & lyrics on 'Forêt'

Produced by E-L-R & Remo Häberli

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Remo Häberli Hidden Stash Tonstudio (CH)

Sound designs by Remo Häberli

Music written by E-L-R

Lyrics by S.M. (except for 'Forêt')

Cover photography by Laura Petresc

Portraits by Ramon Lehmann

Layout & Design by S.M.

Style: Doomgaze

Pre-sale link

Available formats

"Vexier" is available as 180g dark green splatter vinyl LP, 180g black vinyl LP, and on Digipak CD.


Band pictures and graphic materials

E-L-R Live

02 MAR 2022 Paris (FR) Noveau Casino +Sylvaine Release Show

12 MAR 2022 London (UK) Beyond the Redshift Festival - O2 Forum Kentish Town

27 MAR 2022 Eindhoven (NL) Effenaar +Amenra

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