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EIGHT BELLS release new video single 'Destroyer'

EIGHT BELLS release new single 'Destroyer' taken from the forthcoming new album "Legacy of Ruin"

EIGHT BELLS are now unveiling the sinister video single 'Destroyer' taken from their forthcoming new album "Legacy of Ruin", which is slated for release on February 25, 2022.

The avant-garde doom project from Portland, Oregon conceived by guitarist and singer Melynda Jackson has previously revealed cover art, tracklist, and further details of their new full-length, which can all be found below.

The video clip 'Destroyer' is available via the following link:

EIGHT BELLS band pictures and other graphic materials are available through this link: (click here for Dropbox)

EIGHT BELLS 'Destroyer' taken from the album "Legacy of Ruin"

EIGHT BELLS comment: "This track was recorded while Oregon was on fire during the summer 2020 in the beginning of the pandemic", explains singer and guitarist Melynda Jackson. "The song is sung from the perspective of an evil force –with the desperation of a hungry ghost. The entity’s anger dissolves into misery and loneliness and is ultimately transformed into manic joy."


2. The Well

3. Torpid Dreamer

5. The Crone

6. Premonition

With their third album, Portland metal experimentalists EIGHT BELLS have sharpened their songwriting approach to create a soundtrack for the end of the world. "Legacy of Ruin" again features the trio's trademark haunting vocal harmonies along with sometimes blistering, and sometimes impressionistic guitar riffing to create heady atmospheres of dark and light.

The result of EIGHT BELLS' musical exploration is an emotional and insistent odyssey that transcends genre and imbues contemporary metal with 19th-century Victorian ghostliness, cinematic soundscapes in combination with female and male vocal harmonies perfectly fitting the album's lyrical story. "Legacy of Ruin" focuses on themes of the human condition, natural destruction, death, regret, loss, malice, and retribution.

EIGHT BELLS were conceived as the brainchild and songwriting project of Melynda Jackson in 2010. The guitarist and vocalist named the band after the final album of her previous act, SUBARACHNOID SPACE. While the trio evolved through several line-up changes in the beginning, Melynda is now supported by vocalist and bass player Matt Solis (CORMORANT, URSA) Brian Burke (NO SHORES, CAVE DWELLER) on drums.

EIGHT BELLS breaks from the pack by exploring the natural tones and grand visions of the 1970s as reflected in the influences that she cites, which include early prog and krautrock trailblazers such as GENESIS, AMAN Düül II, POPOL VUH, MAGMA, RUSH, the ambient minimalist composers in the realm of BRIAN ENO and STEVE REICH as well as the progressive ends of the black, doom, and death metal spectrums such as ENSLAVED, ULVER, DEATH, YOB, and EMPEROR to name but a few.

Following the release of the "Isosceles" EP (2011), EIGHT BELLS gained international recognition for their debut album "The Captain's Daughter (2013)" and tour support for SUBROSA across North America. With their sophomore full-length "Landless" (2016), EIGHT BELLS consolidated their reputation as one of the up and coming acts, joined VOIVOD in the US and received an invitation to Psycho Las Vegas, which the trio gladly accepted.

Now EIGHT BELLS are poised to share their music with a wider audience. "Legacy of Ruin" was engineered and produced by the masterful Billy Anderson (AMENRA, BELL WITCH, LEVIATHAN, SWANS), and has enabled the trio to reach a new dimension of sound quality.

"Legacy of Ruin" is forceful confirmation that contemporary metal can be artistically impressive, and at the same time novel and expansive in its expression. Time to lean back, close your eyes and let EIGHT BELLS' haunting and beautiful swansong to a dying planet crash all over you in sonic waves.

Release date: February 25, 2022


Melynda Jackson – guitar, vocals

Matt Solis – bass, harmonies

Brian Burke – drums

Guest musicians

Melynda Marie Amann – vocals on 'The Well' and 'The Crone'

Melynda Marie Amann – Keyboards on 'The Well'

Andrea Morgan – violin on 'The Well', 'Nadir', and 'Premonition'

Style: Avant-garde Doom

Tracked by Billy Anderson at The Hallowed Halls by Billy Anderson

Produced by Billy Anderson & Eight Bells

Mixed by Billy Anderson at Everything Hz

Mastered by Justin Weis at Trackworx

Artwork by Tom Robers

Layout by Ross Sewage


Available formats

"Legacy of Ruin" is available as gatefold 180g clear vinyl and on Digipak CD.

Band pictures and other promotional materials

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