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EIGHT.FOLD.PATH Releases "Empathy"

EIGHT.FOLD.PATH's “Empathy” overwhelms sonically; beginning controlled but building up to raging, while always torturous and desperate. With a notably nu-metal influenced sound, “Empathy” draws musically from an array of styles.

Shannon Kerr comments: 

"'Empathy' examines the idea that the most selfless of intentions - taking on another’s perspective, understanding and feeling another’s experience - can be turned, twisted, even weaponized. I wanted to explore that contradiction in myself, how something so positive could also be a source of pain and disability."

Stream "Empathy" here:

From atmospheric beginnings the music progresses across instrumental tones and textures from the serene to the disquiet. In "Empathy", kindness and vulnerability, is tinged with vignettes of obsession and despair.


EIGHT.FOLD.PATH grew from a desire for a creative outlet for Shannon Kerr, the face behind the project. EIGHT.FOLD.PATH's music embarks on an exploration of personal vulnerabilities, and the chaotic internal life of the anxious, the depressive, and neurodiversity. The project emerged in 2020 with their first full offering, the EP Alien. In 2022, EIGHT.FOLD.PATH unveiled the single “Fear”, that continued the established themes from Alien.


Shannon Kerr – 7/8-string guitars, bass, drums, programming, production (Winston-Salem NC)


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