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Emma Peridot Releases Stunning New Single "Could've Been"

Emma Peridot Releases Stunning New Single "Could've Been"

Electro pop/rock artist Emma Peridot has released her new single "Could've Been," available on all digital platforms NOW. The disco-pop inspired track lyrically revolves around wondering what could have happened between two lovers if certain circumstances would have enabled them to pursue their relationship. Peridot is stunningly self-aware, making "Could've Been" a bold, refreshing piece of pop. Although she's just getting started, Emma Peridot's overall vulnerability makes for a seasoned, attention-grabbing body of work. About the song, Emma states:

I actually wrote and started production for this song way back in 2018. It sounded a lot different then, and I didn’t really know what direction I wanted to take it. So I shelved it for a while and finally came back to it in mid 2021. I had been listening to Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia album a ton that year, so I was feeling really inspired by that sound. The song totally came to life when I added some disco flare to it!

Emma Peridot is driven to create music that will capture the hearts of masses, all the while remaining unapologetic about who she is. Her alt-pop sound blends elements of pop-rock and electropop, and her lyrical content examines traditional themes of love, lust, angst and heartbreak, while also getting vulnerable about anxiety, self-doubt, and insecurity.

Her beginnings are humble; during her college years she began releasing music on Soundcloud and performing in small clubs and dive bars around Indianapolis and other nearby cities. But after securing an opening slot for Quinn XCII at Butler University, a confidence was ignited in her that she has something special. Fans have witnessed her hustle since then, and she shows no signs of stopping. As a young, LGBTQ+ pop artist, it’s all about the journey of documenting her experiences in a way that resonates with all those who feel misunderstood. She states, “If my music impacts any number of people in a meaningful way, that’s all I need to feel like I’m fulfilling my purpose.”

Emma Peridot - "Could've Been"


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