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ENVENOMED: The Walking Shred Cover & Tracklist Released

In April, Envenomed signed to the pirate label El Puerto Records. The band from Down Under signed a worldwide contract with the Europeans. Now the band released the artwork and tracklist for The Walking Shred. Similarities to known TV series may not be completely ruled out. And even though John Price may be the new drummer for the band, Dan Presland from NeObliviscaris holds this position on the album.

Envenomed are a melodic thrash metal four piece from Melbourne. They have released previously a debut album, Evil Unseen, which was released under Italian label 18 Punishment Records and 2 EPs. They combine the riff heavy elements of Megadeth, Metallica and Testament with the expansiveness of Iron Maiden and Symphony X. They have played a number of shows around Australia and are planning their overseas tour. Recently, they supported the Iron Maidens, Loudness, Dragonland and Anvil.

Envenomed are: Anthony Mavrikis -  Vocals, Guitars Tom Nugara - Bass Brendan Farrugia - Guitars John Price - Drums

Tracklist 01 - The Walking Shred 02 - Abandon Hope 03 - The Dead 04 - Aware 05 - Fate Closes The Door 06 - Rebellion 07 - Through The Cold 08 - The Haunting 09 - All That Remains 10 - Sacrifice 11 - Are You Gonna Go My Way 12 - Metal United

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