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FATHOM FAREWELL's Is Making Visceral And Technical Metalcore With Latest Single “In Time”

Fathom Farewell’s Is Making Visceral And Technical Metalcore With Latest Single “In Time” EP “Kraken” Out October 22nd via Blood Blast Distribution

L-R: Dustin Black (Bass), James Frost (Guitar), Alex Cohen (Vocals), Chantz Mello (Guitar), Casey Albiero (Drums) Photo Credit - Alex Cohen

New England’s Fathom Farewell has been going strong since 2014, and although the past lineups can almost be described as a cautionary tale of what can happen when you play music for the wrong reasons, the current lineup, according to founder and guitarist Alex Cohen, is the absolute pinnacle of hard-working intellectuals he’s been searching for since beginning the band. This lineup will now be offering fans the EP “Kraken” on October 22nd via Blood Blast Distribution and the third single “In Time” is out now at the following links:

Instrumentally, the single “In Time” is a fun, catchy, bouncy good time. Lyrically, it is about the discrepancies in how people treat each other in modern society, but also is a commentary on how they are treated by those who feel mistreated. The band explains further:

“There is a vicious cycle at play keeping us at each other’s throats, greedily working against anyone outside our direct circle in many cases, not because they are malicious but because they’ve been brainwashed to believe their fight for survival is frantic. For some, it very well is absolutely, but there are many who carry these anxiety weights with them through each day with no relief. In the song, we suggest that if we can find it in ourselves to understand we are all the same thing simply living different experiences, then we can find harmony.”

Compared to other bands, Fathom Farewell prides itself on being a tighter band than most and going harder than most, all while maintaining a balance of technicality and feel. Their sound is complimented by high energy and an unwavering comprehension of how to present professional chops on each instrument.

Fathom Farewell brings a new edge to metalcore and is recommended for fans of Killswitch Engage, August Burns Red, and Coheed & Cambria.

“Kraken” will be out on October 22, 2021 via Blood Blast Distribution.

EP digital pre-save -

Previous Videos:

Track Listing:

1. Kraken (3:46)

2. Eulogy (4:21)

3. In Time (2:54)

4. Nameless City (3:48)

5. Save Your Breath (3:06)

EP Length: 17:54

EP Recording Band Line Up:

Alex Cohen – Vocals

Chantz Mello – Guitar

Steve Almon – Guitar

Dustin Black – Bass

Casey Albiero – Drums

Live Band Line Up:

Alex Cohen – Vocals

Chantz Mello – Guitar

James Frost – Guitar

Dustin Black – Bass

Casey Albiero – Drums

For more info:


Fathom Farewell brings depth to the rock/metal genre beyond the confines of its articulate instrumentation and vocal presence. Addressing topics from humanity and its relationships to the grave consequences human nature causes our world, frontman Alex Cohen demands through his delivery that each listener lend a close ear and a willingness toward self-reflection. This fiery passion results in a refined rock act with the potential to be the voice of change, but with the live thrill and precision of a modern heavy metal act. In conjunction with exceptional work ethic and persistence, it's no wonder the band has swiftly made a name for itself throughout New England, having earned the opportunities to support Sevendust's 20th-anniversary tour, along with area dates with Issues, The Devil Wears Prada, Volumes, I Prevail, Currents, and many more. The band has also performed four times at the Vans Warped Tour in MA since forming in 2014, three times at New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, and made appearances at Rock and Shock Festival. Following the release of the 2019 "Consume The Earth" EP, the band has accrued over 100k streams across Spotify and Apple Music. Bolstered by recent additions to the newly completed lineup and with upcoming new material produced by Chris Piquette (Trophy Wives/Riviera), with assistance from Extreme Management Group, Fathom Farewell aims to support this release with vigorous touring and marketing in hopes of carrying awareness of its message to the rest of its home country and eventually to the world, as all of "this planet is our home"

Now with three EPs under their belt over four years "Consume The Earth" (2019), "Decomposition" (2017), Drowning Limits (2015), the band is ready to present their next EP entitled "Kraken" on October 22nd, 2021 via Blood Blast Distribution.


2021 - Kraken (EP)

2019 - Consume The Earth EP)

2017 - Decomposition (EP)

2015 - Drowning Limits (EP)

Shared Stage with:

Sevendust, Devil Wears Prada, Issues, Ice Nine Kills, I Prevail, Tallah, Starset, Crown The Empire, Attila, Silent Planet, The Browning, Betraying the Martyrs, Born of Osiris, Chelsea Grin, Thousand Below, Vanna, iwrestledabearonce, Psychostick, Emmure, The Acacia Strain, Veil of Maya, Make Them Suffer, The Colour Morale, Memphis May Fire, Blessthefall, CKY, Slaves, Volumes, AFI, He Is Legend, Devil You Know, After The Burial, Kublai Khan, Hatebreed

Tour and Festivals: 2014-2018 - Van’s Warped TOUR – Mansfield Ma 2016-2017 - Rock N Shock – Worcester MA 2017-2019 - New England Metal and Hardcore Fest – Worcester MA 2015-2018 - Rambudifest – Providence RI

What the press is saying:

"New England melodic metalcore band Fathom Farewell have been around longer than you think, with a handful of EPs to their name since their 2015 debut EP. The band have supported bands like Sevendust and The Devil Wears Prada in the past, just to name a few, and their upcoming Kraken EP contains some of their best material to date."- New Fury Media

“The immediate impact and versatile clean to scream ability from vocalist Alex Cohen pushes Fathom Farewell out above the hordes – the man has some serious pipes ready for the challenge, forceful and commanding while confidently holding out key notes during the verses and choruses to make “Six Feet Beneath” and “Wide Awake” instant appealers.” - Dead Rhetoric

“The Boston quartet have emerged from within the melodic metalcore scene but as the six tracks within their latest offering shows, their sound is a far more adventurous and varied blend of metal and melodic rock enterprise.” - The Ringmaster Review

"Holy vocals! Worcester based Fathom Farewell have just released “Consume the Earth”, and it’s blowing our minds... Palpably driven, passionate, and sharing messages close to their heart, “Consume the Earth” is an impressive invitation to listen to Fathom Farewell." - Depth Magazine

"Fathom Farewell: One of the fastest rising stars" - Permafrost Today

"Featuring six tracks of high-energy and emotionally-driven modern hard rock/metal, the EP shows why Fathom Farewell are one of the fastest rising stars in the melodic metalcore scene." - Moshville Times

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