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Final Coil unveil their new video for 'Lost Hope (Trip)' taken from forthcoming Wormholedeath

As the December 10th release date for Final Coil's new Somnambulant II album draws near the band have unveiled a video for the track 'Lost Hope (Trip)'. A dreamlike reimagining of the track 'Lost Hope' from their debut album, Persistence Of Memory, 'Lost Hope (Trip)' is the perfect taster for Somnambulant II. The album features some of Final Coil's finest songs caressed into remarkable new forms, beautifully distorted reflections from beyond the wall of sleep...old friends with new faces.

While you wait for the dream to begin, immerse yourself in 'Lost Hope (Trip)'...

Somnambulant II, an imaginative endeavour inspired by the lockdown experience, will be released by WormHoleDeath on December 10th, a celebration of our return to the world and each other and a poignant memory of our time alone. In a time of captivity Final Coil have given birth to one of their most unrestrained releases; a dream of freedom.

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