Finnish death metal band OvDeth releases new EP 'Mortal Burden'

Finnish death metal band OvDeth releases new EP 'Mortal Burden'

Photographer: Jani Kormu (Photo editing: Esa Hallanoro)

Helsinki based 5-piece Death Metal band OvDeth brings their unique touch to the Nordic extreme metal scene. Since 2016, the band has forged their solid Death Metal rooted music into a recognizable style that conveys a deep and gloomy atmosphere. "From darkness to despair, and ultimately to integrity''. The band voyages boldly into these stands, both on the record and live.

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Check the lyric video to opening track "March of the Bind":

Mortal Burden showcases Death Metal songs from an epic atmosphere to kick-ass headbanging. Each piece paints its own world, tells its own story, and adds to the entire four-part EP. Blasts, grooves, heavy riffs, melodic surprises and slicing growls. With these, Mortal Burden takes it's audience from the historical battle to the mouth of the demon.

Tracklist / ISRC-codes

01. March of the Blind FI-3FC-22-90001 02. The Ancestor FI-3FC-22-90002 03. Perished FI-3FC-22-90003 04. Saturn Devoured FI-3FC-22-90004

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