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Finnish Horror Squad AS I MAY Release New Music Video "The Last Breath"

Scared of clowns or abandoned houses in the middle of the woods? Well... Finland's AS I MAY is back with a killer video for their new single "The Last Breath" that will give you that much-needed horror fix. Combining modern low riffs with a little taste of deathcore plus synths that bring horror sweeps and atmosphere, As I May's "horrorcore" sound delivers a catchy sing-along chorus to this chaos.

Vocalist/guitarist Lasse Hiltunen adds:

"This video was new territory for us. We shot in 3D and green screens. We thought that we could get that same atmosphere from the video that is in the song with lyrics such as "'urn down the house'. Basically, the main idea came from that phrase and we needed a reason to burn a house, and have some murderous clowns. Let's try those in there too. This video came out much more scarier than we thought."

"The Last Breath" is the first single and title track off their yet-to-be-released third LP that was mixed and mastered by Christoph Wieczorek at Sawdust Recordings.

Watch the video for "The Last Breath" at​

As I May's music is all about combining metal/deathcore and vibes from horror movies to create HorrorCore. The band was formed in 2016 in Mikkeli, Finland. The band is known for big melodies, huge choruses, and hard-hitting riffs. As I May is one of the front-running acts in the new wave of Finnish metal bands being exported. Touring all over Europe, they have made a name for themselves along with over a million streams for their albums 'Karu' (2022) (Uprising Records) and 'My Own Creations' (2019) (Rock Shots Records, Spiritual Beast "Japan").

AS I MAY is:

Lasse Hiltunen - Vocals, Guitars

Tipi Nokelainen - Vocals, Bass

Leevi Räsänen - Drums

For more info:​​

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