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SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE Release "The Infection" Video

Death metal ensemble SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE have revealed their video for "The Infection" off their new album Arkanum. 

The band comments: 

"This song talks about the passive-aggressive manipulation that someone can have over another person, manipulating them to act under their interests, like a puppet, making them believe that they are really their own decisions, reflected as the song says, infecting someone's brain. Inspired by The Magician tarot card."

Watch "The Infection" here:

Arkanum, draws thematically on mystical elements and each track is inspired by a different tarot card. The band share, "We chose 9 cards from the major arcana, (The Magician, The Devil, The Star, The High Priestess, The Moon, The Hanged Man, The Tower, The Hermit and Justice)."

On the meaning behind Arkanum, the band explain, "This conceptual album tells the process of a mental detox, talks about an internal struggle to restore your inner self, where your demons surface and everything you believed in is questioned, that moment when you realize that for years you have followed someone else's lead. You've had enough and decide to leave everything behind." They continue, "It's about losing yourself by being influenced by someone else and the struggle to wake up from that 'reality'. Centering the lyrics in this inner fight with yourself, involving depression, anxiety, mistrust, feeling unfairly judged by everyone and having no help around." 


Elizabeth Castillo - Bass

Caro Saturni - Lead Guitar

Kenichi Om - Rhythm Guitar

Nico Garza - Drums

Marlene Muñoz - Vocals



Concept, Lyrics & Music by SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE

Produced By: Charles A Leal at Psicofonia studio

Mixed and Mastered By: Charles A Leal


Artwork and Album Layout By: Caelan Stokkermans Arts


1. The Infection

2. The Heretic

3. Vigilia

4. Into The Devil’s Realm

5. Dark Lullaby

6. Broken Hourglass

7. Self Sacrifice

8. The March Of The Innocents

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