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Finnish melodic death metal band Wolftopia released their second single Wash The Spears!

Finnish melodic death metal band Wolftopia released their second single Wash The Spears!

Promo pic by Hannu Perälä (Hannu Perälä Photography)

Wash the Spears is the second single from the upcoming debut album Ways of the Pack (Out on December 17th 2021 via Inverse Records) by Finnish melodic death metal band Wolftopia. From the catchy guitar chords of the intro, played by frontman Aleksander Okhotnikov, to the last majestic synthetic trumpets and French horns, programmed by Ossi Peltoniemi, this song oozes uncomplicated eighties power metal.

Watch and listen to Wash The Spears video:

Okhotnikov, also the band’s main songwriter, says that the writing process of “Wash the Spears” started with the main riff. The catchy rhythm and the chord progression, using a large number of major chords, catch the ear and once lodged in the brain, are difficult to forget. But the song also displays Wolftopia’s bombastic side, with a fast-paced, epic chorus and a technical, rock-‘n’-roll-inspired whirlwind of a solo by lead guitarist Topi Karhunen.

The lyrics are inspired, like many of Wolftopia’s songs, by fantasy literature, in this case the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. “Wash the Spears” narrates the lives of a nomadic people surviving, even thriving, in the harshest of desert environments. There are many hardships in life, the song suggests, but with cooperation, dedication and perseverance we can grow and find joy. This sense of strength in community and adversity is also present in the music. In the optimistic sound, full of major chords and memorable rhythms, of course, but also, significantly, in the shouted choirs during the pre-chorus. “Wash the Spears”, they shout: take action, together, and thrive. Sensible advice, certainly, in these trying times.

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Album cover by Roberto Toderico

Track list:

1. Hound of War 2. The Last Embrace of the Mother 3. Wash the Spears 4. We are Pack 5. Predator 6. May He Sever the Shadow 7. The Alpha 8. I am the Storm


Aleksander Okhotnikov (Vocals & guitars) Tom Israels (Drums) Tim Reus (Bass) Topi Karhunen (Guitar)


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