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Genre defying experimentalists Pornographic Sunset release their mind-bending new EP


Barely two years since the release of their debut EP, The Bastard Shows His True Colours, Pornographic Sunset are back with the second part of what will eventually become a story in four chapters. While The Bastard... dealt with the rejection of lies and casting off the masks we wear to hide from each other and ourselves, Gold; Flesh; Dirt explores that uncomfortable moment when we first gaze into a mirror without our armour of self deception.

Despite the darkly disconcerting themes that underlie the music of Pornographic Sunset, Gold; Flesh; Dirt is a riot of colour, overflowing with groove, rhythm and a glorious clash of influences, inspirations and ideas. From a traditional viewpoint songs like ‘Self In Solution’ make no sense, they defy accepted logic and yet on a physical level they connect; there’s a primal acceptance fuelled by the supreme confidence of the delivery. This proudly Leeds-based band know what they’re doing is right and it’s up to you to work out why. Augmenting the expected instrumentation with an array of weaponry including acoustic guitar, banjo, clave, congas, triangle, kazoo and whistles, Pornographic Sunset use whatever is needed to bring their wildly creative songs to life. Part Zappa, part Primus, part nothing you’ve ever heard before. There are no rules for this band, so leave your preconceptions at the door and be prepared for an incendiary mix of cowboy country and progressive rock; funk, jazz, avant-garde and weird-for-the-hell-of-it experimentation.

Pornographic Sunset are an incredible live proposition and that is the medium they value the most, so when Gold; Flesh; Dirt is released on December 10th view it as an invitation to the carnival of their on stage performance. In fact, while three of the songs that make up this EP will be available digitally via all major platforms, the only way to get all four songs will be on specially engraved USB sticks, distributed exclusively at Pornographic Sunset shows. Stand and watch from the poolside and nothing about this band will make any sense...but dive in head first and you may just have the time of your life!

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