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GENTLE SAVAGE: ’Treat Yourself And Let Our Magic In. We’ll Take Care Of The Rest’ - (Hard Rock)

GENTLE SAVAGE - ’Treat Yourself And Let Our Magic In. We’ll Take Care Of The Rest’ (Hard Rock)

Gentle Savage's characteristics stem from the ancient Karelian magic spells combined with the feel of European mega cities hum and spin. With a musical DNA twirling back to the earliest days of rock music, Gentle Savage roars with their heavy, yet dynamic style. Their message is clear; 'Don't you worry 'bout a thing. Just let our magic in and we'll take care of the rest'.

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GENTLE SAVAGE have released a lyric video for their new rocking single 'Lovin' Ain't Easy', graphic & digital art by Kristian K XP, watch it here:

"It is all about the songs. And their internal message. That's the basic philosophy behind Gentle Savage."

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Tornado Bearstone, songwriter, vocals and guitar

Jay B, drums and backing vocals

Vance Bead, bass and backing vocals

Tim O`Shore, guitar and backing vocals

Theo van Boom, keyboards and backing vocals

’Treat yourself and let our magic in. We’ll take care of the rest’.

Band promo photo by Timo Soasepp

Single coverarts by Vin Valentino

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