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GODS OF SOMETIMES (Fu Manchu/Moab) Release Debut Self-Titled Album Today!


Release Debut Self-Titled Album Today!

GODS OF SOMETIMES, the newly formed Southern California alt-indie rock duo consisting of bassist Brad Davis (FU MANCHU) and guitarist/vocalist Andrew Giacumakis (MOAB), has released their eponymous debut album today viaFalling Dome Records. Blending their heavy rock roots with soft melodic influences, the duo has crafted a stunning record for fans of acts like Beatles, David Bowie, Neil Young and The Flaming Lips. The album features stand out singles "In The End" (feat. J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.), "Gods Of Sometimes" and "Stilted Low."

Commenting on the album,the band says:

"Coming from heavy bands, we wanted to make a chill record. Something you could listen to in the morning with your coffee, and not get bummed out by too much aggression. We love heavy music, but we also like mellow melodic music, and we wanted to explore that. There's still some muscularity on the album but it's really about melody and vibe."

Stream "Gods Of Sometimes":

"Gods Of Sometimes" Tracklisting:

1. Gods Of Sometimes

2. Dawn Of The Tin Man

3. Stilted Low

4. In The End (Feat. J. Mascis)

5. Hand On The Hide

6. Watching For Satelites

7. Wherewithal

8. You Will

9. Just Another One

About GODS OF SOMETIMES: Brad Davis (bassist for Fu Manchu) and Andrew Giacumakis (guitarist/vocalist for Moab) met in the studio in the mid-2010's while working on Fu Manchu's "Gigantoid" (2014) and "Clone of the Universe" (2018). Andrew served as a recording engineer/producer for the records and the two multi-instrumentalists quickly developed a friendship and discovered a mutual love of mellower music outside the realm of the heavy genres they both worked in. They decided to make an album together. Brad Davis - drums, bass, (some guitar and vocals) Andrew Giacumakis - vocals, guitar, mellotron, (some drums and bass)


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