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Hail Satan Interview

Hail Satan is a party trash band based out of Denver, Colorado.  Nothing says metal more than Hail Satan, and that's exactly what these dudes do.  They're bringing "Rad Metal" to the music industry singing about pizza, whiskey, partying,whiskey, oh and whiskey. 

Check out my chat with the dudes in the band below.


Emmy: How are things in the Hail Satan world today?


HS:    Well the signature Hail Satan Hangover is hovering at a comfortable 8/10, so the train is 'arollin. We are plugging away, getting our new bassist, Aaron Isoline up to speed which is an exciting step in a new direction for us!   


Emmy:  Who is "Hail Satan" ?    

HS:  Hail Satan is that moment after you've been dragged around by your friends to a bunch of shitty downtown night clubs, and then you finally end up at your favorite filthy dive. Right as you walk in somebody on the other end of the bar gets punched in the face, and the bartender hands you a shot of whiskey and a beer. That and a thrash metal band.   


Emmy: The new album out is titled "Rad Metal" . Can you explain to me what exactly "Rad Metal" is?  

HS:No  Rad metal is one part Slayer, one part Jim Croce, and one part Howlin' Wolf all wrapped up in a leather clad Trex let loose in time square. Really it's thrash metal with a catchy melodic hook that we encourage people party the hardest they've ever partied to.     

Emmy:  "I Will Eat You" is a very interesting/ hilarious track.  Other than the obvious, what is this song about?  

HS:   The contemporary sociopolitical landscape is a fucking nightmare. White nationalists have become emboldened to climb out from their dingy browser dungeons and march in the streets. Who the fuck are these assholes? I will eat you is a not so tongue in cheek song about hoping that white supremacy doesn't feel welcome in America, or anywhere else on the face of the Earth.   


Emmy: What are the biggest musical influences for the Group?

HS:  It's a pretty broad scope. There are the obligatory standards, ie Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Anthrax etc. We also draw influences from Motown, a lot of jazz, and pop music. I'm not gonna sit here and pretend like I don't love Tom Waits, ya know? Primus is cool even despite the fact that hippies think they can just claim them as their own....A big part of the "rad metal" thing is bringing influences from different genres under the thrash metal umbrella... Whatever we can do to put keep the spice of rock n roll spicy!


Check out "I Will Eat You" below:

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