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Hanibal Death Machine - Mon Cadavre (Industrial Metal)

Hanibal Death Machine - 'Mon Cadavre' (Industrial Metal)

Released November 18, 2020

January 2015 the two sacred monsters Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson give birth of a mutant who will bear the name of Hanibal Death Machine ! but the offspring capricious want to stand out from his two parents he will sing in French. But the band does not limit its sound only to industrial metal, it adds a few touches of Doom or Death metal and Rotting Christ has since become a major influence. in just 5 years He will produce under the leadership of David Castel his favorite producer: ( Psykup , Dwail , Manimal Lysisrata ect ....)

The band has released 3 EP's: Birth 2015, Dark Vision 2017, and Breathless (signature at M&O)! The welcome of these 3 CDs is unanimous in the independent press! This will allow the group to go on tours abroad, 15 days in Russia and 10 days in Spain. In France, the group scours theaters and crosses the stage with renowned comrades!

Check out the video!

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