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HELEN MAW new single 'Playing With Fire' out 8 Aug

'Playing With Fire', the new single by Helen Maw, is out on Friday 8th August.

“The lyrical maturity displayed by Maw is potent enough to ignite ardent flames in even the most emotionally disengaged. An unembellished and uncompromised presentation of one of the most significant yet trivialized human experiences, heartbreak, is what Helen Maw so effortlessly and unrestrainedly surrenders in this beautiful love song.” - Buzz Music

‘Playing With Fire’ is the heartbreaking new single from Liverpool singer/songwriter Helen Maw. The piano based track is an evocative, touching ballad about an aching personal experience.

24 year old Helen Maw is an accomplished musician, writing music since her teens and performing in the UK and even as far as Madrid. Her classically inspired pop tells honest stories with a sense of raw emotion, connecting with her listeners through the stories she tells through her lyrics. 

Her new single ‘Playing With Fire’ is composed of three part harmonies with a strong orchestral arrangement, with the swelling, emotive strings and percussion throughout the song magnifying the meaning and message behind it. 

Helen says of ‘Playing With Fire’: “The track is a story of having your heart broken but coming to the realisation that you are not defined by other people and they way they mistreat you. This song is one of the most personal songs I have written and I believe that this comes through in the music. My aim with my music is to tell stories of life and relationships and the things that go on around me. I try to make my music relatable to the people who listen to it and I want it to resonate with people.”

Helen released her first single ‘Your Little Secret’ in June 2019, receiving radio play on BBC Introducing Merseyside and Mersey Radio. Her latest EP ‘Everything in Between’ was recorded and released during lockdown in April 2020 and was also given radio play by Mersey Radio where she was also named Artist of the Week on April 20th 2020. 

Currently Helen is working on her debut album which she hopes to complete this year.

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