Hooby and the Yabbit Interview

Formed in 2016 by singer/songwriter Ian Hawkins, the band performed at Wakefield’s Beer Festival at Fernandez Bar, performed as an acoustic duo in The Beer Exchange Wakefield, and at The Harlequin, Sheffield during November 2016. Ian then performed a solo acoustic spot at Players Club, Wakefield on December 26th.

On the strength of this Hooby were invited to perform at Clarence Park Music festival on Saturday July 29th 2017, preceded by a Clarence launch night at the Wakefield Beer Exchange July 28th.

The bands first EP is due for release in the Autumn of 2018 and will feature three original compositions ‘Tea and Toast’, ‘Movie Town’ and ‘Handsome Curves’.

Check out my chat with below with Ian Hawkins!

Emmy: How did the name come about?

Ian: Once upon a time a little girl had two favourite toys, and confused the letter R with Y a bit. One of them is quite small, has a punk haircut and can never be found. The other has ridiculous ears, wears a dress and uses his bum as a form of transport. Recently we found a picture of the two of them actually. Get in touch if you want one.

Emmy: How would you describe your genre to someone who isn't familiar with your music?

Ian: I think its Rhythm and Blues, with an injection of Southern Boogie.

Emmy: How did the band form?

Ian: It evolved out of a rock/ jazz/ blues cover band playing ZZ Top, Robben Ford, Steely Dan, Johnny Guitar Watson and stuff. I started writing my own songs and built a studio. This release is mainly me playing and a couple of mates helping out.

Emmy: What are some of the artists that influence you?

Ian: All sorts of stuff. I love all the old 70s stuff, Led Zep, DC, Motorhead (for life), Hawkwind (for the journey after) then pop stuff: The Police Nirvana, the Foos. My favourite blues stuff is ZZ Top, The Band, Led Zep, Canned Heat, Creedence Clearwater. Weird stuff/jazz like Weather Report and King Crimson. Modern pop like Bruno Mars. I think Gaga is brilliant - her drummer and band are fantastic. I think I’ve got too old to answer that maybe, but I’ve never been into just one thing you know? I don’t think that’s healthy anyway

I witnessed Nick Harper do a gig in a packed kitchen in a bed and breakfast in Scotland and that turned me onto acoustic playing, it’s a never ending journey.

Emmy: If you could tour with any artist or band (still active or not) who would it be?

Ian: Robbie Williams or Tom Jones. My wife would be so proud.

Emmy: What's your favourite show you've played?

Ian: There have been a few, all over the world as I work as a musician independently of Hooby. My favourite Hooby show would be playing the Clarence Park festival 2017 in my home town Wakefield, with a band full of my mates.

Emmy: What's the future hold for the band?

Ian: Yabbits assemble. It’s time to play live which I’m really looking forward to. In the studio, the next record is coming along. I have a whole load of acoustic music on the boil but I don’t know if this is a Hooby release or not at the moment. Watch this space

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