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Hot Pink Satan Interview

Hot Pink Satan is a blend of beats, noise, hooks, and sexual hellfire. Formed in 2017, Clea Cutthroat (ex. Bonaparte) & allinaline (ex. Chimaira, DAATH) they took the area by storm. Recently, they opened for Combichrist and Wednesday 13 in Pittsburgh, PA; which is the show we had the opportunity to see and where we first heard of Hot Pink Satan. They currently have 3 songs/videos and have an LP currently on it's way. Recently, we got to interview Hot Pink Satan and here's the interview we had with them:


EMSU: How did Hot Pink Satan form?

Clea: Jeremy (allinaline) and I met in Berlin. He played at a venue I was running at the time, and it was a creative match made in a hot pink hell. We stayed in touch, and when I found myself back in the States I hit him up. Lots of luck and good timing. Hail Satan

EMSU: How did you come up with the name “Hot Pink Satan”?

Clea: We were writing and recording one day, and poof! The ideas of “hot pink” and “satan” got pushed into one thought. We just looked at each other and busted out laughing. Hot Pink Satan. That’s us! Perfect.

EMSU: You guys have released a few songs, can we expect a full-length album sometime soon?

Clea: Yes! We are so excited. Our first full length album, “Spells”, is flying outta the hellfire to the world October 26th. Our new video, “wet tights”, that we just released a few days ago is the first single off of the new album.

EMSU: What does Satan like on her pizza?

Clea: I prefer blood instead of tomato sauce as it’s great for my complexion. Nothing like a good thin crust with a sprinkle of bones...but we’re also suckers for a thick crust with beating hearts and sliced jalapeño.

EMSU: What musicians influenced your style of performance and music?

Clea: I’ve been influenced by everything from Madonna, to Henry Rollins, Bob Fosse, Christain Death, The Prodigy, Wendy O. Williams, Alien Sex Fiend, the fetish world, sex, the occult...

EMSU: Jeremy, you were mostly in metal bands (DAATH and Chimaira), what made you decide to help form an electronic band?

Jeremy Creamer: Metal has always been my second gig, I was an electronic artist before.

EMSU: Jeremy, according to Wikipedia, you are still a member of DAATH. Is this correct information and you're pulling double duty or are you just a member of Hot Pink Satan?

Jeremy Creamer: Everyone involved with DAATH is busy with other projects, so we’re technically still together, but Hot Pink Satan is my full time ride or die.

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