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Hurricane On Saturn - Crumbs - (Metalcore)

Hurricane On Saturn - "CRUMBS" (Metalcore)

Hurricane On Saturn is the visionary project by masked Italian musicians only named Dakm, Maydx, Antares, Rastaban and Marakk. The proposal out of any classification is based on a unique use of electronics combined with rock, rap, metal and post-hardcore influences. The band's self-produced debut album "Killing Field" mixed by Evan Rodaniche was released in November 2020. Meanwhile recording the second album, planned to be mixed at the end of 2021 with Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland, the band announces the release of a series of new singles during 2021 starting from “Outsider” published in March. The second one, titled “Crumbs”, sees the special participation of Hugo Ribeiro on the drums and is available starting May.

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