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Iconic Comedian and Roastmaster General Jeff Ross Launches POT ROAST on August 12


Iconic Comedian and Roastmaster General Jeff Ross Launches POT ROAST on August 12 at the 420 Bank Dispensary in Palm Springs, CA

Buy It! Smoke It! And Get Roasted. Grab Your Tickets Here in Advance

The POT ROAST is where iconic comedian The Roastmaster General Jeff Ross comes together with Immersia Live to create a side-splitting night of comedy and weed in a one-of-a-kind venue! For the first time you can legally purchase and consume your favorite cannabis products on site at the venue while Jeff Ross and friends roast your brain with comedy. Get baked, get roasted, go home toasted! Safely of course!

The very first POT ROAST will happen August 12, 2021 at The Four Twenty Bank in Palm Springs, CA. The Four Twenty Bank is a fully licensed cannabis dispensary and consumption lounge housed in what was formerly a Wells Fargo Bank. This opulent venue features retail cannabis sales, billiard tables, an arcade (located in the vault!), and a proper main stage with lighting and PA systems for live music and comedy. Visit for a preview video.

Immersia is a media, tech, wellness and live event platform that is quickly becoming a major voice in the wellness properties of The Plant. The Immersia team has deep experience in comedy and entertainment as the co-creators of the ODDBALL Festival as well as Jeff and Larry’s Great American BBQ, and now partnering with long time festival and music promoter John Reese, who has curated and or produced over 50 music and entertainment festivals over the past years.

Participating partners include Spin magazine, content streaming platform TRUBIFY, CVCAN (Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network), and the leading voice in natural medicine, THE BLACKLIST.

Cannabis and comedy go together like peanut butter and jelly, come light up with us!

Buy it. Smoke it. Get roasted!

Tickets on sale Monday July 19 at 10 a.m. PDT.

Go to to purchase tickets.









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