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ILLUDIUM ink deal with Prophecy Productions


ILLUDIUM have signed a multi-album deal with Prophecy Productions. The Californian dream-gazers are the brainchild of guitarist and vocalist Shantel Amundson. ILLUDIUM will release their sophomore full-length via the label later this year.

ILLUDIUM comment: "I feel honored to contribute to the spirit of Prophecy Productions, a label that truly celebrates all that I am passionate about in music", writes mastermind Shantel. "Dreaming with eyes open, I look forward to expanding my creative vision through this collaboration, and in a new chapter for the label and its artists."

Martin Koller adds: "It does not happen very often that my phone keeps buzzing as people keep sending me messages from the same show, telling me that I should immediately sign the band currently on stage", relates the founder of Prophecy Productions. "Naturally, my interest was piqued. Checking out Illudium, I quickly drew the same conclusion and I am therefore stoked to welcome Shantel and her band to our label family."


ILLUDIUM's debut album "Septem" can be listened to via Bandcamp:

ILLUDIUM band pictures and other graphic materials are available through this link: (click here for Dropbox)

ILLUDIUM were conceived by Shantel Amundson, who was drawing from the beautiful landscapes of the Pacific Coast, the redwood forests of the Santa Cruz mountains, and the blue ocean among which the guitarist and vocalist grew up and which still remain an important source of her inspiration.

Musically, Shantel's formative years were shapes by such diverse acts as SMASHING PUMPKINS, ISIS, KATE BUSH, and COCTEAU TWINS among many others. The mastermind's huge variety of influences led to the acclaimed debut album "Septem", which was released in 2016) and obviously posed a challenging riddle for the difficult critical task of sticking a stylistic label onto her music. Well-founded attempts include suggestions that range from the somewhat long shot "progressive stoner doom" to the wide label of post-rock with comparisons to recent works by bands such as ALCEST and LANTLOS.

There is a general consensus though that ILLUDIUM combine sunny and honeyed passages with dark and heavy elements on "Septem" that create strong dynamics, which are twice underscored by Shantel's unique and bewitching vocals. Her collaborator Gregory Wesenfeld added to the hypnotic effect with a drumming style that is as emotive as steady.

Taking their name from a concept coined by Mircae Eliade, ILLUDIUM can be seen as the musical embodiment of the religious philosopher's idea of "illud tempus" ("that time"), which is referring to the mythical sacred time of the first creation of this world. With a degree in cultural anthropology and art history, it is hardly surprising that Shantel's lyrics revolve around mystical and metaphysical ideas.

Currently, ILLUDIUM are preparing to release their sophomore full-length via Prophecy productions this year.

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