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IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Guitarist / Keyboardist Shares Epic Cover Video "Cliffs of Dover" (Eric Johnson)

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN Guitarist / Keyboardist Shares Epic Cover Video "Cliffs of Dover" (Eric Johnson)

Progressive/Power Metal Quartet Immortal Guardian's Concept Album "Psychosomatic" Out February 12, 2021 via M-Theory Audio


Gabriel Guardian (Guitars/Keyboards)

Carlos Zema (Vocals)

Joshua Lopez (Bass)

Justin Piedimonte (Drums)

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN guitarist/keyboardist Gabriel Guardian, well known on the YouTube universe for his incredible multi-instrumental cover videos, is sharing his latest rendition of Eric Johnson's Grammy Award winning single "Cliffs of Dover", which can be viewed HERE.

Gabriel Guardian adds:

"I've always been absolutely fascinated by this song. It's one of a kind in its composition, tone, phrasing, and all around badassery. Eric Johnson, you sir are a genius. Thank you for inspiring me as a young Texan guitarist. I covered this song in my 8th-grade talent show and from then to even now, it never got any easier, but my passion and feeling towards every note felt the same! I love how some songs with no lyrics can pull so much emotion and nostalgia outta me. Happy to have finally had the time and skill to do a proper video for this epic song."

After winning over new audiences with their acclaimed 2018 debut full-length “Age of Revolution” and touring relentlessly alongside fellow shredders such as Marty Friedman, Powerglove, and Exmortus, IMMORTAL GUARDIAN gathered in Las Vegas last year to begin recording their second album. As the spread of COVID-19 and the subsequent pandemic began to ensue, each member of the band retreated to their respective hometowns. With shutdowns around the world being enforced, the band completely scrapped the record that they had been working on and were heavily inspired to write and create a new thematic record about their emotions surrounding current events.

“Psychosomatic” is a product of the extraordinary events of 2020. The result is a truly multi-national record, with guitarist/keyboardist Gabriel Guardian remaining in Las Vegas, vocalist Carlos Zema recording his vocals from his home in Brazil, new drummer Justin Piedimonte joining the band from his hometown in Montreal, Canada, and new bassist Joshua Lopez remaining in IMMORTAL GUARDIAN‘s native Texas.

The group, founded by Gabriel Guardian, whose uncanny ability to play guitar and keyboard simultaneously has been showcased on MTV’s “Amazingness” along with his unique dual-instrument covers of classics by the likes of Iron Maiden, Pantera, and Guns N’ Roses have garnered hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and have been built upon the band’s following through multiple self-released EPs before signing with M-Theory Audio for the 2018 release of their first full-length record, “Age of Revolution”. The band has also performed live alongside some of the biggest names in metal, including Judas Priest, Dragonforce, Kamelot, Symphony X, Sonata Arctica, Slayer, Metal Church, Soilwork and Steve Vai, and in countries such as Brazil and Russia, and during high-profile performances at ESPN’s X Games, South By Southwest and the Fun Fun Fun Fest.

“Psychosomatic” is the next step in IMMORTAL GUARDIAN’s evolution while still capturing the band’s exhilarating trademark melding of melodic power metal with progressive/shred tendencies.

Digital pre-save, CD and limited-edition purple vinyl pre-orders for “Psychosomatic”, which will be released by M-Theory Audio on February 12, 2021 are available now at

First Single - “Read Between The Lines” - YouTube (Lyric Video)

Second Single - “Lockdown” - YouTube (Music Video)

Third Single - “Clocks” - YouTube (Music Video)

Track Listing:

1. Psychosomatic (5:33)

2. Read Between The Lines (6:01)

3. Lockdown (4:12)

4. Phobia (6:13)

5. Clocks (5:12)

6. Self-Isolation (0:39)

7. Goodbye To Farewells (5:50)

8. Candlelight (5:24)

9. Find A Reason (7:00)

10. New Day Rising (5:56)

Album Length: 52:06

Album cover art by Nathalia Suellen (Secret Sphere, Almah, Dark Moor).

For more info:

"With this album (Psychosomatic) Immortal Guardian should no longer be seen as a promising band. Not only have they shown that they have an enormous compositional quality and an elite technical level, they have also shown that they are a band that faces difficulties and that they have all the will to continue. Making a high-quality second album two years after their dazzling debut tells us about the enormous inner power these musicians have." - Metal Rules

"Psychosomatic is the impressive new full-length album from North American power metal act Immortal Guardian. Every song is listenable on its own, and over the course of the entire album there’s a good track-to-track ebb and flow. I strongly recommend ‘Psychosomatic’ and would like to rate it highly overall... super talented musicians who have put out a fantastic second album in Psychosomatic - the music here is consistently first rate and that will never change." - The Great Metal Debate

"Holy fucking shit, man. Talk about epic… Immortal Guardian make some seriously epic symphonic power metal that throws in elements from all over the metal spectrum. We have power metal highs and death metal screams on top of keyboards and even some djenty staccato riffs here and there. It’s a different take on epic metal and it’s definitely something that will interest you… I’m not sure I’ve heard anything quite this varied before but I’ve gotta say I dig it." - Metal Sucks

"“...vocalist Carlos Zema (ex-Outworld) has an amazing range and more passion for delivering heavy words than 98% of active power vocalists out there.” - Your Last Rites

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