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Interview with Alec Keshisian of "Another Day's Armor"

  Emmy Susani recently interviewed Alec Keshishian, drummer of Another Day's Armor. Another Day's Armor is a Rock/Alternative Metal band from New York. The band started to create a lot of buzz for themselves with their debut singles “Reflections” and “Simple As Sin.” The band consists of Logan Manganelli (Vocals), Nick Palma (Lead Guitar), Ryan Bicknell (Rhythm Guitar), Joe Grunski – Bass and Alec Keshishian (Drums). They refuse to be just another “faceless” band and want to stand out in a crowd, wanting each of their fans to feel a connection with every member. Here's the interview Emmy had with Alec:


Emmy: Your website states that you aren't just a band, you are a movement for the future of rock. So, could you please explain what your movement consists of? 

  Alec: Heavy instrumentals with a killer voice and a massive fan base that will put rock/metal on the Billboard Charts.  

  Emmy: You guys so far have released two singles, “Simple As Sin” and “Reflections”. Are we expected to hear an EP or even a full-length album in the near future? 

 Alec: We actually just released our new single/music video Death Investing!  

Emmy: How did you guys come up with the name “Another Day's Armor”?  

Alec:To be honest I don’t remember how we came up with it other than it sounded cool and was original.  

  Emmy: You guys recently performed with Trivium, Fit For An Autopsy and Bad Omens. What was it like performing with those bands? 

 Alec: That show was definitely one of our favorites. Our sound and image fit that bill perfectly and everyone killed it that night. 

 Emmy: Do you guys have any upcoming tours?


 Alec: We are currently talking amongst ourselves and our team about upcoming tours.


  Emmy: What are the biggest inspirations you guys pull from for the band?  

Alec: Personally, one of my biggest inspirations is when a fan is truly touched by our music. 

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