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Interview With Brianna Musco

Brianna is a singer-songwriter based out of New Jersey, traveling and touring major cities throughout the United States and Europe. She is a retired Division I soccer player for Delaware State University, where she helped the team win back-to-back league championships her sophomore season. She also studied classical guitar at both Delaware State and Monmouth University.​ Musco released her demo, "The Demo" on Jan. 5th and has had an outpouring amount of support and success. Her 3 originals are acoustic based and prove she is capable of incorporating honest musicality into the pop genre. She will be touring all throughout the US this upcoming summer of 2018 and will be recording an EP, release date TBA.

I got to chat with this lovely lady recently check it out below:

Emmy:  Who exactly is Brianna Musco?

     Brianna: I am a 22 year old singer-songwriter from New Jersey. I played soccer in college and even had the chance to study abroad in Florence. I enjoy playing shows and traveling as much as I can.


 Emmy: What do you look to for inspirations when writing songs?    


Brianna: I usually take certain emotions I may be feeling or look to a specific event that occurred for influences. I always try to make sure it feels genuine.      

Emmy: What are some musicians that have influenced you?    


Brianna: I'll try to keep it short but there are very few musicians that haven't influenced me. Some of my major influences include: John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Stevie Nicks, Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Janet Jackson, and Lady Gaga.   

Emmy: I noticed that you have two EPs out, Can you tell me a little bit about them? What was it like putting these albums together?    


Brianna: The EP's that are currently online are more like demos. Those were fun projects in which I made the transition from athletics to recording music. I used those projects to help better educate myself for this upcoming EP release.   


Emmy: You are currently on the road, how's tour life been treating you?  


Brianna: I absolutely love tour life. You get the opportunity to meet so many amazing people, see the country, and play music. So far, during our downtime from shows we've hit the Iowa State Fair, Great Wolf Lodge water park, a Pittsburgh Pirates game and possibly a Red Sox game tonight. The shows have been outstanding, we have sold out a majority of our CD's and Merch which is an awesome response from our fans.    


Emmy: Anything else you'd like to add?     

Brianna: Thank you so much for your time, we will be hitting the road again in November and January so far, hope to see you then!

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