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Interview with Days To Come

Blending pop-styled vocal melodies with heavier, intricate instrumentation, the Georgia based hard rock band Days To Come works tirelessly at taking their brandof positivity as far as it can go. Striving for professionalism & honesty, DTC focuses on solid songwriting & high energy live shows as well as growing & maintaining their fan-base by interacting via social networking.

With the release of Siren (2019) & Wolves (2019), the band began to cement their sound. Drawing inspiration from the cultures they've experienced from touring the southeastern United States over the past five years, DTC believes in connecting with people from all walks of life & growing their family.

Days To Come is: 

Justin Goodson - Vocals/Guitar 

Brandon Rix - Guitar 

Jalen Hall - Drums

Check out my chat with them below:

Emmy: How did the name come about?

A: Justin - Years ago, Brandon and I were frustrated that we had all of the pieces to put a band together except for a drummer. I was at my day job one day and just thought that everything would work out and it would be better in the “days to come”.

Emmy: How would you describe your genre to someone who isn't familiar with your music?

A: Brandon - We blend pop styled vocal melodies with heavier music.

Emmy: How did the band form?

A: Justin -  I went into a local music store in Albany, GA one day before a gig to pick up some guitar strings, and I mentioned to the sales guy that I was looking to start a band. He got me in touch with Brandon and we’ve been together ever since. That was back in 2013.

We’ve had a few lineup changes over the years and Jalen joined us in 2018. He’s a gem. Very talented guy.

Emmy: What are some of the artists that influence you?

A: Brandon - Plini, Steve Vai, and Devon Townsend.

Emmy: If you could tour with any artist or band (still active or not) who would it be?

A: Jalen - Sevendust.

Emmy: What's your favorite show you've played?

A: Jalen - My favorite by far is the Masquerade in Atlanta. It's one of the best venues in Georgia. We’ve had the opportunity to play all three rooms and we can’t wait to go back.

Emmy: What's the future hold for the band?

A: Jalen - Hopefully an out of country tour and world wide selling albums.

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