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Interview with Dean England

Emmy chatted with Dean England. Here's the interview.

Emmy: How did the name come about?

Dean: It’s my real name, I was thinking of having a stage name but I think it sounds cool


Emmy: How would you describe your genre to someone who isn't familiar with your music?

Dean: Acoustic rock, with bluesy licks and lots of soulful vocals.

Emmy: How did the band form?

Dean: I am a solo artist now so I guess I really found my sound about 2 years ago. When

soul met blues and acoustic met rock. Everything married fine for me.

Emmy: What are some of the artists that influence you?

Dean: Jimi Hendrix, The Eagles, SRV, Clapton, GnR I have loads I also love Sam Cooke


Emmy: If you could tour with any artist or band (still active or not) who would it be?

Dean: Guns and roses! I would love that, think we would have fun!

Emmy: What's your favorite show you"ve played? Dean: Actually the last one at the brick and liquor Wakefield was pretty cool. But I played at warehouse 23 once and that was awesome! What a venue.

Emmy: What's the future hold for the band?

Dean: Right now I am promoting Feel, Think Do the new EP. It’s out on Bandcamp and all

other major platforms including Apple, Amazon and Spotify. Follow me on Facebook

and Instagram at Dean England Music and I will keep you all updated with the next

moves! Love and peace to you and your readers.

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