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Interview with Paul Martin of Devilskin

The unstoppable DEVILSKIN unveil "CORRODE," a monstrous new video, single and details of their long awaited fourth album. The New Zealand four piece--who have toured with the likes of Slash, Halestorm, Motley Crue, and Disturbed--have announced their new album, titled RED, which will be released worldwide Friday April 3 on all formats across all platforms.

Sammie recently chatted with Paul Martin, check it out below.

Sammie: What can we look forward to from this new album?

Paul: Definitely our clearest, most concise and most personal collection of songs. We explore the full gamut of emotions and dynamics. We feel it's a very organic follow up to our previous albums. It's both visceral and beautiful.

Sammie: What is the inspiration behind your new single, “Corrode”?

Paul: Corrode details the emotional collapse that threatens so many of us. Being swamped and feeling there's no way out. It's about the importance of asking for help when you are vulnerable.

Sammie: What is the song you are most proud of on “RED”?

Paul: Personally, I am most proud (at this moment) of Sweet Release, because the story is very real and raw still. I think everyone in the band really stepped up on this recording. It's poignant and reflective.

Sammie: What are your goals as a band in 2020?

Paul: We intend to cover as much territory as we can, touring this album. Make some more videos and write some more music. We're about to hit the UK and Europe soon but we would dearly love to tour the US before the year is out.

Sammie: Can we look forward to a tour following the release of “RED”?  

Paul: Yes! We have just released dates for the UK and Europe this April & May. Of course there will be an Australian and NZ tour later in 2020. As mentioned above we are amping to get to the USA and can’t wait to play for you. We want to get this album and these songs in front of as many people as we can. Catch us on tour soon! 

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