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Interview with Tim from Rozu

ROZU (Japanese for Rose) is a post-hardcore 4-piece from Denver, Colorado consisting of longtime artists Tim Graham on vocals, David Sundine on guitar, Brian Robertson on drums, and Henry Navarre on bass. With a hard-hitting debut EP on the horizon ROZU aims to take both local and national music scenes by storm. With full intention to tour constantly and consistently in support of their debut effort the latter half of 2018.

Check out my conversation with Tim Graham below:

Emmy: How did the name come about?

Tim: The name really came from a long list of names that we were working through and cutting down. Rozu was on that list being the Japanese word for rose. We really just wanted something simple, easy to remember, and unique which we felt this name just hit home for us. We started working on the branding with the name and 3 others and Rozu was just the perfect fit.

Emmy: How would you describe your genre to someone who isn't familiar with your music?

Tim: We are pretty much a heavier post hardcore band. We can get soft when we really want to and when we feel is necessary, but we have a very aggressive and heavy underlying tone in our music.

Emmy: How did the band form?

Tim: The band kind of formed from myself (Tim) and our guitarist DJ really just wanting to give the music and band thing one last shot having been in a number of bands prior. We got together with our producer and good friend Tyler Ruehl and just went at it with the writing then later on got our bassist and drummer Henry and Brian on board with the project and the goals we are trying to achieve. The pieces just clicked and realized we have something we think can be very special with this dynamic.

Emmy: What are some of the artists that influence you?

Tim: For this project we draw a lot of influences from Like Moths To Flames, Underoath, Saosin, and all the way to Wage War and older Plot in You for those really heavy influences. Emmy: If you could tour with any artist or band (still active or not) who would it be?

Tim: Well the dream would be to play with Underoath but, it would be an awesome tour to go out with the homies in Oceans Ate Alaska, Dayseeker, and Thousand Below. That would be a wild time of a tour.

Emmy: What's your favorite show you've played?

Tim: I would have to say besides our first show we just got to perform at a professional wrestling match where one of the wrestlers Abadon The Monster uses our song Anchor as her walkout. Something about playing a pay per view event was really freaking fun and awesome.

Emmy: What's the future hold for the band?

Tim: Currently we are hard at work in the studio putting the finishing touches on our debut album. We are lining up some dates for touring throughout the remainder of the year and still have a few stand-alone singles we will be releasing.

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