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Invisible Control shares news single “Sons of the Damned”

Invisible Control shares news single “Sons of the Damned”

The Brazilian death metal band Invisible Control releases this Thursday, January 13, “Sons of the Damned”, the first single from their debut album. The song is accompanied by a lyric video created by the artist Alcides Burn and is now available on all streaming platforms and on youtube through Xaninho Discos.

“The song brings a very strong theme, and maybe many people are not aware of these events”, says vocalist Daniela Serafim. In 2021, in Canada, the discovery of the remains of indigenous children came to light, in shallow graves, near Catholic churches and in their surroundings, especially near schools and boarding schools, where it was considered a residence for these indigenous children. Priests and nuns made them forget and lose all their culture, all their essence, judging them as sinful and worldly, distorting the whole truth and brainwashing children, that is, a cultural genocide. Children who did not obey, refused, or could not adapt to these new imposed customs were tortured and killed. These children were forcibly taken from their families. After people became aware of such crimes, some churches were set on fire as a form of protest, revolt and search for justice.

“This single has the Lyric video format, to focus on its lyrics and images that portray exactly all these barbaric crimes that happened for years, being also a form of protest and solidarity with all indigenous families who have been and are going through tragedies. like this one”, says Daniela Serafim.

Presenting a combination of technique, aggression, melody, and intensity without being bound by labels, Invisible Control has become a solid project and is working on the long-awaited debut album, entitled 'Created in Chaos', which will feature eight original tracks, and will be mixed and mastered by the renowned Martin Furia, who has worked on Nervosa, Eskröta and BARK albums. Martin was recently announced as the new guitarist for the band Destruction.

“I am very excited to work with one of the most promising bands in the Brazilian scene today”, comments Martin Fúria.

Listen to “Sons of the Damned”:

INVISIBLE CONTROL - Sons of the Damned (Official Lyric Video) | Xaninhodiscos

Formed during the quarantine of the COVID-19 pandemic, Invisible Control is a death metal supergroup that unites great musicians from the northeast heavy music scene. The band debuted during the 6th edition of the “Roadie Crew Online Festival”, where they performed the single “Killing Another One of Us”. After captivating the audience in the debut show, came the invitation to perform at the great festival Abril Pro Rock 2021 - online edition, where he showed all his talent and energy in a repertoire of three songs.

Revelation of national death metal, Invisible Control that features a woman in front of the vocals, Daniela Serafim, who has an insane vocal range with gutturals and grunts. With lyrics that address political-religious issues, phobias and torments that afflict the human being, the band is one of the great bets of extreme metal.

Genre: Death Metal

Lyric Video producer: Alcides Burn

Prodution: Invisible Control and Alcides Burn

Mixing and mastering: Martín Furia

Artwork: Alcides Burn

Photo: Thiago Linhares


Daniela Serafim – Vocals

Wagner Campos – Drumms

Dennys Parente – Guitar

Marco Melo – Guitar

Marcos Flávio – Bass

For more on INVISIBLE CONTROL visit the band's official FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE

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