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Jackal's Backbone release Blackout, the incendiary second video


With just a week to go before the release of their debut full length studio album, Red Mist Descending, Jackal's Backbone have unveiled a new single and video in the form of the riff-laden Blackout! Capturing the gritty, confrontational approach of Jackal's Backbone perfectly, Blackout is one of the hard-hitting highlights on the band's upcoming album.

Watch the video for Blackout at the Jackal's Backbone YouTube channel now!

Red Mist Descending will be released on Friday December 10th and Jackal's Backbone will be playing an official launch gig on the same night, at Club 85 in Hitchin, with support from aAnd?, Dreadbeggar, Silver Hex and Black Skull Ritual

For tickets and more information head to:

Visit Jackal's Backbone on Facebook

For more information on Jackal's Backbone click here

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