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Jagwar Twin & angelbaby Join Forces to Release Infectious New Single "Life Is Good"

Jagwar Twin, the alternative-rock sensation, is thrilled to announce his latest collaboration with angelbaby, a top grossing Web3 artist, in the release of their new single, "Life Is Good". In this electrifying alliance, the trailblazing Jagwar Twin and the chart topping angelbaby fuse together their respective charismatic rock roots and vocal prowess to set the stage for an anthem that will resonate far and wide. Fans can stream the brand new track HERE.

Speaking on today's single release, Jagwar Twin shares:

"Life Is Good is about the time we are living in. The world is undergoing a massive transformation. We are becoming more aware of our shadows, collectively and individually, and as more light comes in, more darkness is seen."

In addition, angelbaby reflects on the track:

"It’s so easy in life to get caught up in the negative sh**, but also we can’t pretend that everything is just perfect. From the music to the lyrics to the live drums, this song is like walking a tightrope. For me singing life is good is like keeping your eyes locked on the horizon and all the dark lyrics represent your mind wanting you to look down."

With an impressive 345 million catalog streams and 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Jagwar Twin stands out as a dynamic force challenging the status quo of the alternative music scene. His genre-defying artistry has captivated audiences through the seamless blend of rhythmic accordion hooks, melodic children’s choirs, and gritty breakbeats, accompanied by profoundly introspective, almost cryptic lyrics.

Jagwar Twin's previous album, 33, had channeled the magnetic showmanship of Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie and Bad-era Michael Jackson, all while unapologetically embracing authenticity and vulnerability. Fueled by chart-toppers like "It's Your Time," "I Like To Party," "Down To You," and smash hit "Happy Face," which has garnered over 100 million streams, Jagwar Twin serves as a powerful catalyst. His innovative style urges listeners to embrace their true selves, recognize their self-worth, and place trust in their individuality.

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