Jake Miller releases fun new EP, "SUMMER '19"

By Sammie Stewart

Way back when in 2013, I was a huge Jake Miller fan. His songs were extremely catchy, and I found myself listening to his music every single day. Now, years later, he has gone on tour with my favorite artist, Hoodie Allen. Miller is just as good as I remember, and he also puts on an amazing show.

This past summer, he released a new EP, "SUMMER '19." The EP consists of five songs and clocks in at almost 15 minutes long. While this is a short record, it packs a punch. Admittedly, this isn't the type of music I'd usually listen to. However, it's the type of music that sounds like it would be really fun live. "NERVOUS" is especially reminiscent of this, since it has more of an EDM feel. I wouldn't go out of my way to listen to it in my free time, but I could see myself dancing to it at a concert or bar.

The one song on this EP that really stands out to me is "15 MINUTES." This is because Miller played this song while he was on tour with Hoodie, so when I hear this song, I instantly think of that tour and how amazing it was. All the Jake Miller fans in the crowd were screaming the lyrics to this song, and it was such an amazing experience. You could really tell how dedicated and loving his fans are.

"LAST TEXT" is another song that Miller played during the Whatever, USA tour. I don't enjoy this song as much as "15 MINUTES," but it's pretty damn close. The breakdown after the second chorus is absolutely beautiful, and it's definitely the standout of this song.

If I had to rate this EP, I'd probably give it three out of five stars. It's not my normal cup of tea, and personally, I think a lot of these songs are much better live. These songs are just too EDM feeling for my personal taste. If you're into that type of thing, you will enjoy this album. Jake Miller is a great artist nonetheless, so if you haven't checked him out, I encourage you to do so.

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