Joe Wilson of Lullwater Interview

Lullwater is an alternative-rock band based out of Athens, GA.

The band is made up of John Strickland (vocals/guitar), Daniel Binnie (guitar), Roy Beatty (bass), and Joe Wilson (drums).  The guys met through mutual friends in the thriving Athens music scene.  They emerged with a shared conviction in their quest from sweaty jam sessions in a dark, grungy, damp basement on Lullwater Street, and from there began to build an audience one fan at a time. It took years of working through a repertoire, and fine tuning a vision. Culling audience reaction at hundreds of shows and personal instinct, they threw their rich, diverse musical roots in a blender, and from the mix came a combined musical discovery.

In 2012, they released their self-titled debut album and in 2015, they released their sophomore album "Revival." 

Last year, the group put out an EP titled "The Seatte Sessions" featuring live in-studio records from the Seattle famed London Bridge studios.  

Currently, Lullwater just finished recording a new album.  I got to chat with Joe recently, check out our conversation below. 


Emmy: You released your self-titled debut album in 2012 and were immediately invited to join some of the biggest tours of that year. What was it like to release your debut album and already be asked to join such big tours?  

Joe:   It was definitely that feeling of getting thrown to the wolves so to speak. We just had to believe we were good enough to be sharing the stage with those acts. All in all, the knowledge gained and the experiences had, will be with us forever.


 Emmy:  When should we expect the new album, “Voodoo” to be released?  

Joe:    We are shooting for a late fall or early winter release date. Hopefully, everything plays out how we are hoping it will and we can get this-this out to the masses sooner than later    

  Emmy: How would you describe the new album, “Voodoo”?  

Joe:   For us, I would say maturity is a word that sticks out. We refined our sound so to speak. Took more time on writing sections and specific moments in tunes that immediately will stand out. We took some higher risks with some of these tunes whether it was adding horns or pianos on certain sections. We’ve been known as this 4 piece just wall of sound kind of act and I think this new record will surprise people.  


   Emmy: Tell me, what was it like recording “Release” by Pearl Jam in the famed London Bridge Studios in Seattle?

Joe:     We had a few days off of the tour we were on so at the time and basically, we just parked at London Bridge for a few days and pressed record. Having done the self-titled record there, we were already familiar with the mystique and the energy that place possesses. There was no plan to really have that tune come out the way it did. It was the last song we even attempted during that session. We released the “Seattle Sessions” with everything else we recorded during those few days back in 2017, but we kept Release off of it because we just didn’t know what to do with it.  I guess now I should direct people to head over to our YouTube page and watch the video for it!  


 Emmy: What's it like working with Jakob Herrmann in the studio?


Joe:  Jakob is an animal and we love him dearly. He taught us how to be a better band and things that we never really thought about on previous records. He whipped our asses in to shape, man. And we love him for that. There’s a different vibe on this record and I think being in NOLA for a month with Jakob is the main reason for that.


   Emmy:  What are some of you guys biggest inspirations?   


Joe:  We are indebted to the Seattle grunge movement for sure. Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mad Season, Candlebox. That era has kinda formed our sound, but we all like totally different types of music as well. When you throw in being from Georgia in that recipe you get Lullwater. 

    Emmy: Do you guys have any upcoming tours? 

Joe:    We are planning on adding some fall dates for the rest of 2018. As far as full tours go, we do. Unfortunately, we can’t really say anything for print yet. But I will say it’s the biggest tour we have done yet and it will take us from the end of January 2019-March 2019. I’ll let internet connect the dots and see if they can figure that one out.


Check out Lullwater's cover of "Release" (originally done by Pearl Jam) below:

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