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KAISER and the MACHINES of CREATION Announce their Album FLOWERS AND LIES on MR Records

KAISER and the MACHINES of CREATION Announce their Album FLOWERS AND LIES on MR Records

'Flowers and Lies' – by "KMC3" Official music video release

KAISER and the MACHINES of CREATION announce their new album FLOWERS AND LIES to be released on July 11th via MR Records.

Listen and purchase Flowers And Lies:

Lead vocalist Paul Kaiser, "FLOWERS AND LIES... my metaphor for those people that fear reality. In that I mean... someone may put up with deceit and disloyalties so to keep the peace and take the flowers and lies. Being a foolish acceptance, they fake a smile and convince themselves they are right 'they wouldn't lie to me' and if need be, even defend it fiercely. Without ever knowing the truth or even investigating. It is the ultimate ignorance. This also applies to general beliefs in Politics and Politicians, Scientists, the Media and the body corporate and runs as a theme throughout the album."

'Kaiser and the Machines of Creation’ are certainly not the stereotypical band. Their songwriting and production are exemplary. Their music videos take you on a journey, which is missing in many music videos throughout the world. This 9 track album takes the listener on a journey of imagination and thought provoking diversity. MR Records are extremely proud to be involved with the release of ‘Flowers and Lies'. - Peter Naylor, A&R MR Records

Ever wondered how Bauhaus would sound if they dabbled in Hard Rock, you’d get a fair enough idea by hitting play on Kaiser and the Machines Of Creation. You’ll still get to absorb plenty of arrestingly technical soaring guitar riffs which you’re accustomed to in Hard Rock, but irrefutably Kaiser and the Machines Of Creation are the much-needed antidote to the sterility in the genre. -

Melody-laden mix of prog metal, pop rock and off-the-wall vaudeville that really has no close relatives in the world of metal

This is seriously intelligent, well-thought out stuff. This is an album that undoubtedly ultimately deserves and demands repeated listens and deep immersion. dig in and take delight in one of the most intriguing artists thrown up by the Australian hard rock scene in aeons… -

Blend of Hard Rock, great Melodies The Beatles and Bowie with a dark old school Gothic tang. -

This is Flowers and Lies, the debut album for this line-up of Australian hard rock sensations, Kaiser and the Machines of Creation. Primarily recorded in late 2018 to early 2019 with additional tracks recorded in 2020, the band is now able to bring you the physical release of the album.

'KAISER and the Machines of Creation' is the brainchild of Australian songwriter/vocalist/guitarist, Paul Kaiser. Now, in it's third incarnation, the outfit has announced it's debut album, 'Flowers And Lies'. The nine song release is an eclectic mix of soaring, melodic, hook-laden classic hard rock, expertly blended with the roar of the new.

Welcome to the Machine!

Track Listing:

Paul Kaiser – Vocals, guitars

Steve Anderson – Bass

Matt Redmond – Keyboards

Simon Timoschenko – Drums

A special thank you to our very special guest backing vocalist... "Jennifer DeGrassi".

'Flowers and Lies' the song was recorded at 'Ghostnote Studios' in Adelaide

Recorded by Jimmy Balderston.

Edited by Colby Robertson

Mixed by Jimmy Balderston and assisted by Paul Kaiser

Mastered by Leon Zervus at Studio 301, Sydney, Australia.

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