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LANTLOS present video single 'IDONTKNOW'

LANTLOS release video single 'IDONTKNOW' taken from the "Glitchking" CD included with the limited edition of "Wildhund"

LANTLOS present the video single 'IDONTKNOW' taken from the "Glitchking" CD, which is included in the special edition of their forthcomingfull-length "Wildhund" ("Wild Dog"). The German alternative metal project headed by multi-instrumentalist Markus Siegenhort has slated their album for release on July 30, 2021. Cover art, tracklist, and further details of the new full-length can be viewed below.

The video 'IDONTKNOW' is available via the following link:

Pre-sale link:

LANTLOS band pictures and graphic materials are available at this link:

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LANTLOS 'IDONTKNOW' taken from "Glitchking"

LANTLOS comment: "The song 'IDONTKNOW' from 'Glitchking' is obviously quite different from what you have heard from 'Windhund' so far", states Markus Siegenhort. "This provides me with an excellent opportunity to explain the concept behind this twin album. Many people have asked me about 'Glitchking' that has been introduced as a bonus disc coming with the special edition of 'Wildhund'. Well, I rather see these two works as complementing each other and as two parts of the whole piece. I have put as much effort into 'Glitchking' as into 'Wildhund', which can be seen as counterparts or rather different perspectives of the same vision. It is all about: The Zone – the heavenly otherworld. This ultimate fantasy of a weird dreamlike realm oozing bubblegum is overwhelming and suffocating the ego with sweetness and delight. Without a beginning or an end, everything is The Zone and The Zone is everything. 'Wildhund' represents the acceleration, excitement, power, and pure joy of The Zone, a vivid sensation of inspiration, a special fragrance in the air, a childlike fascination, and unreal bliss. 'Glitchking' is holding a mirror to the danger that it is very easy to get lost within The Zone. The Zone makes you forget about everything else. It turns your every day life even more onto a feeling of grey. The Zone entangles and pulls into its divine bubble. Sweet, sweeter, unbearably sweet. The glory and the horror. Too detached to focus, feelings reach the point where they becomes just an overloaded, over-saturated, and energy draining heaven of glittery tar. 'Glitchking' is an experimental, noisy, wobbly, and down-tuned sonic trip. Stay ZONED. For ever etherealPRO."


1. Lake Fantasy

2. Magnolia

3. Cocoon Tree House

4. Home

5. Vertigo

6. The Bubble

7. Amber

8. Cloud Inhaler

9. Planetarium

10. Dream Machine

11. Dog in the Wild

12. Lich

Some bands are highly regarded by their fans as they keep delivering great albums in the same style over and over. LANTLOS are clearly not one of those. The followers of this outstanding metal entity lead by instigator and mastermind Markus Siegenhort rather value the ever changing nature and constant evolution of his bubbling musical creativity.

With their fifth full-length, "Wildhund" ("Wild Dog"), LANTLOS once again shed their sonic skin and emerge from their inspirational chrysalis a quite different animal than the one before. The Germans have turned into an alternative metal butterfly with songs meandering along colourful streams through beautiful wide open soundscapes that defy easy comparison but can tentatively be located somewhere in that warped sonic space between DEVIN TOWNSEND, SMASHING PUMPKINS, HUM, and MOTORPSYCHO. This collection of amazing songs also comes with the gravity defying, inverted heaviness of DEFTONES and a strong dose of catchiness that in unobserved moments even leans towards the FOO FIGHTERS.

"The album is named 'Wildhund', which is German for a dog born or living in the wilderness", explains Markus. "Its themes revolve around freedom, cherry blossoms, summer, having a sunny birthday as a kid, bubblegum, the smell of mint, sweetness, the colours of pink and baby blue, childhood memories, a lemon in a glass of water, glitter, nostalgia, kitsch, and many more up to the point when it becomes 'too much'. It's like that kind of 'so utterly sweet' that it tastes artificial, strange, and confusing. Aesthetics on overdrive, hypnotic but powerful. This is 'hardcore' softness, if that makes any sense."

When multi-instrumentalist Markus Siegenhort founded LANTLOS together with his friend Anggrau in 2005, their music was still quite influenced by black metal. This is darkly reflected on the band’s rare first demo "Îsern Himel" and their self-titled debut album, which both appeared in 2008. "Lantlôs" featured contributions from EÏS fronter Florian "Alboin" Dammasch, whom Markus replaced with ALCEST vocalist and guitarist Stéphane "Neige" Paut for the next two full-length releases ".neon" (2010) and "Agape" (2011). It is hardly surprising that these albums are stylistically located in the context of blackgaze or post-black metal.

With ".neon", the German mastermind lyrically dealt with the psychological condition of "derealization", which means that a person's perception of the surrounding world feels unreal, distant and sometimes even distorted or false. Such feelings are a recurrent lyrical theme throughout the works of LANTLOS and even the band name, which derives from the Middle High German word "lantlôs" meaning "homeless" or literally "without land".

On "Agape", the multi-instrumentalist decided to quit the sticks for medical reasons and recruited Felix Wylezik, who has occupied the drummer's stool ever since. With their fourth album "Melting Sun" (2014), LANTLOS again changed course. Markus parted ways amicably with Neige and instead adopted the vocal duties himself. This fit his musical shift further away from the black metal origins of his band.

The path that LANTLOS started to take with "Melting Sun" has led the band after a creative break even deeper into uncharted metal territories. For those looking for fresh ideas and rich flavours, while being open to alternative ways to create riff-based, guitar-driven music, "Wildhund" is the perfect colourful gift in bleak times.

Release date: July 30, 2021 Line-upMarkus Siegenhort – vocals, guitars, bass, synthesizer Felix Wylezik – drums

Guest musician

Jan Kerscher – background vocals on 'Magnolia' & 'The Bubble'

Style: Alternative Metal Recording, production & mix by Markus Siegenhort Vocal recording by Jan Kerscher at Ghost City Recordings Mastered by Philipp Welsing at Original Mastering Photos by S. Friesen Links Pre-sale link Band pictures and graphic materials (click here for Dropbox)

Available formats

"Wildhund" is available as a hardcover 36-page 2CD book edition incl. enhanced artwork and a 14 track bonus CD “Glitchking”, as Gatefold-LP on 180g black vinyl and as Digibook CD. (The 180g rosé vinyl LP edition is already sold out.)

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